10 Healthcare Careers To Consider After Graduation

If you are about to graduate with a healthcare major and are still unsure about your future career path, then this article is for you. We know that you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting your career after graduation. On one hand it is an exciting time as you will no longer need writing expert help for your assignments. At the same time, this is going to be challenging as some students still are not sure what to do with their professional life. Below is a list of healthcare jobs to consider after graduation. 

Physician Assistant

This is a very demanding and interesting job for students with an advanced level of skills and knowledge. As a professional, you will be responsible for gathering the medical history of every patient, completing physical exams to assess their health, order tests, diagnosing any potential injuries or illnesses. Also, you might have a chance to give some basic treatment to patients if needed. 

Personal Care Aide

If you love working with people, then this job will be a great solution as you will have to work with patients with mental impairments daily and help them perform their personal care activities such as hygiene and nutrition. Also, you can play games, engage patients into a conversation, take them for a walk, arrange transportation, schedule doctor’s appointments, etc. 

Dental Hygienist

As a professional, you will be responsible for cleaning patient’s teeth as well as examining them for any kind of disease and providing all sorts of dental care. In case some disease is detected, a dental hygienist has to report a problem to a doctor for further treatment. A dental hygienist also has to teach patients how to take care of their oral cavity and monitor their treatment plan if applicable. 

Registered Nurse

If you choose this career option as a first step towards your dream career, your main job will be to coordinate patient care and collaborate closely with doctors. Besides, you will have to provide some basic patient care, take and record history with the list of main symptoms to let a doctor come up with an effective treatment plan. Moreover, a registered nurse is responsible for ordering the diagnose test as well as analyzing them. 

Medical Assistant

This is a very role that helps a hospital or any other healthcare facility to run smoothly. This job involves multiple various responsibilities and will be perfect for an active stress-resistant person. Responsibilities might vary, but generally, you will have to collect a patient’s personal and medical data for effective treatment. You will schedule appointments, prepare tests, helping a physician with physical exams.

Occupational Therapist

This role involves helping patients to recover after an injury or a disease. You will have to focus more on helping patients perform their everyday activities more efficiently. It’s an important job aimed at recovering some very important vital skills and abilities that allow a person to live a healthy, fulfilled life. You will have to apply all the variety of techniques to assist patients in gaining the skills and evaluate their progress to adjust a treatment plan needed. 

Assistant Administrator

You will have to perform all core administrative tasks and daily hospital operations, or whichever healthcare setting you are working in. You will work under the supervision of the main administrator and perform such duties as nursing, directing and coordinating surgeries and other treatment activities, maintaining patient health records, and providing patients with all information needed. If you work for a home care business, you might even make use of the power of a rostering app in order to organize staff shifts and make sure that those who use your service will have someone going to visit them when they need care. 

Working in the pharmaceutical field is another great option with plenty of future career opportunities. As a professional, you will be responsible for tasks related to the distribution of various medications to patients. You will have to take orders from patients as well as count out the overall number of medications needed. 

Clinic Laboratory Technician

You will have to cope with laboratory tests and analysis to help doctors diagnose a patient to create an effective treatment plan directly. You will have to work with special lab equipment to perform a test needed to diagnose an illness. 

Radiology Technician

Here is another great entry-level job that might be suitable for you. You will have to explain the overall procedure to your patients and run the test with the needed radiology equipment. 

Take the first step…

Starting a career in healthcare is always challenging and daunting. However, with the relevant degree and the right preparation, you will be able to make your first career steps and become successful in the future. These are only a few options in the healthcare field that you can pursue after graduation. There are plenty of job openings available on the market, so keep studying hard to climb the career ladder fast. 

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