10 Women Shed Clothes & Insecurities In Exchange For Beauty


Most of us women live with various body image insecurities that we’ve come to accept as “part of life”. But what if we dared to step out and do something drastic to shed those inhibitions, and live a life filled with confidence and high self-esteem?

Where did it all go wrong where millions of women around the world started to feel ugly compared to all the supermodels we saw in advertising campaigns, in magazines and on the fashion runways? Who taught us to feel that our bodies aren’t good enough the way they are and that we need to spend a tonne of money if we ever hope to feel an iota of pride in who we are?

It’s time we shed those negative messages for good! That is exactly what a group of daring women did in a short film called ‘Shine’. It was created by the ladies behind ‘The Goddess Project‘ which is a film featuring over 100 women across the United States sharing their journey of self-discovery and self-love with filmmakers Sara Landas and Hollie Rae.

They created the short film ‘Shine’ to inspire women to love their bodies. They had 10 women volunteer to be part of the project who were a group of diverse ladies, also going through a journey to self-acceptance.

“We are constantly being bombarded with messages in the media that are telling us we are not good enough the way that we are. Media plays a huge role in shaping culture and we have both personally experienced the damaging effects of trying to fit into society’s mold,” they told us.

“We make films that showcase diverse women from an intimate and sincere viewpoint because we have witnessed the incredible transformation that happens when you see a role model that you can relate to. We think it is important for more women to get behind the camera in order to create more content that is relevant to women and girls.”

In the film (below) we see that each of these women have their own insecurities about their body, but in the process of being photographed naked, embracing the beauty of their form along with each other, the transformation is something that can resonate within us all.

“I decided that I just needed to stop letting fear guide my decisions. I want to show people if I can do it, you can do it,” says the first woman in the video.

“I think that often humans fear being truly open to each other.”

“We’re at our most courageous when we’re willing to dive into a genuine intimacy.”

“We have to stick together and empower each other in order to overcome all of the stereotypes placed against us.”


These are some of the messages spoken by the brave volunteers, who also expressed feeling terrified, nervous and being compared with the other women on the shoot.

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” This is a quote by author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson, which is used as part of the film to reiterate why it is important to shed fears and trepidations on our journey to full self-acceptance.

“Women want to be seen and appreciated for who we are. We all want to feel free from limiting beliefs and stereotypes of what is beautiful and powerful. The message behind this film is that this all possible when you stop letting fear guide your decisions, and start giving yourself the power you know you deserve,” say Hollie and Sara about the message they hope every woman will relate to while watching the film.

To see the actual photos from the shoot you can click on their website to see the result of women embracing their bodies, warts and all! The women had body paint, grass and bark applied to their bodies for a stunning nature-themed shoot.

While we don’t all have to get naked and take photos in the forest to learn to love our bodies, the film is very symbolic that we do in fact need to shed the layers that have been stuck to us for too long. Layers from society, peer pressure, the media, fashion, advertising and any negative words that have been spoken over us. It’s time we allow ourselves to be freed from these so that individuality won’t be a weird anomaly in the world anymore, it will just be accepted as normal.

Check out the film below, and share it with any woman you know who will benefit from an empowering message like this.


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