11 Year Old Schoolgirl Goes From Obese To Olympic Hopeful


Obesity is a huge problem, and not just a health problem. Kids as young as 6 these days suffer from obesity, but instead of giving parents helpful advice and teachers and friends encouraging healthy eating, it’s unfortunate there is so much bullying by the media and kids alike.

One girl who is all too familiar with these issues is California girl Breanna Bond who made headlines around America in 2012 because of her weight loss. The 11 year old was diagnosed as clinically obese was bullied horrendously by her peers at school. Just over a year ago she weighed 196 pounds. Her mother did notice her gaining weight faster than other kids her age as she grew up, but thought it might have been a thyroid issue. Once she recognized the meals she was serving her family (fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy, for example) were the catalyst for Breanna’s weight gain, she decided to take action.


She enrolled Breanna in swim classes and making sure her family was eating healthy.

These days Breanna doesn’t eat junk food, nor does she frequent the same restaurants she used to with her family in favor of a healthy lifestyle. Breanna is part of the cheer squad at school and runs track. Her new health kick even inspired the rest of her family to re-think what they were eating and how physical they were.

“One day we just decided to go for a family walk. Little by little we increased the number of days that we would do that,” said Breanna’s mom Heidi.

Breanna went from being bullied from the age of nine and weighing 196 pounds, to being active and sporty, weighing a more healthy 112 pounds.


“I feel like I can move more in sports now and it’s a lot easier for me in cheerleading and cross country. I can just go faster.” she told the Daily Mail.

A new lifestyle meant new goals for Breanna, who now has her sights set on an Olympic medal. She has just qualified for the 500-yard freestyle swim and the 50 yard freestyle swim at the Junior Olympic Games, which will take place in Des Moines, Iowa in July 2014. Breanna’s family have now launched a website where they detail her journey, and use it as a space to inspire other kids who are struggling with obesity.

“She feels her calling is to inspire children and teens to succeed where so many fail. his website documents her journey from a 9 year old struggling with obesity to an 11 year old with a new outlook on life, participating actively in competitive sports and looking forward to all that life has to offer.   She hopes this website inspires you or a loved one to beat childhood obesity. ” says the website.

It’s so inspiring to see someone as young as 11 have a huge impact on other kids. We hope this will give other parents and kids the encouragement they need to talk to their families about implementing a healthy lifestyle. Fat-shaming and bullying is never the answer. It has to come from recognizing what is right for your body, and creating change that will affect you in a positive way.
We’re for team Breanna at the Junior Olympic Games this July!



  1. Way to go, Mom!! If we don’t help our children, who will? Bless her for turning things around for the whole family.

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