13 Y/O Girl Pitches Her Way To Little League World Series, Like A Boss!


Remember how the ‘Mythbusters’ duo busted the myth that ‘throw like a girl’ is an insult by proving it with male and female pro baseball pitchers? And remember how the women’s hygiene brand Always made that powerful video that showed doing anything “like a girl” should never be an insult just because it is in reference to the female gender?

While those were great marketing campaigns for that fact that women are capable of doing anything in sports just as good as the guys, here’s a story that really knocked the topic outta the park, pun intended!

13 year old Mo’Ne Davis from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, plays for the Taney Dragons, and has just made history. She is considered their ace pitcher, and became the first girl to to toss a complete game shutout in a Little League World Series-clinching contest on August 10th thanks to a three-hit, six-strikeout against Newark in the mid-Atlantic regional championship.

Her fastballs can reach speeds up to 70 mph and leaves batters shaking on the home plate! The other cool fact about Mo’Ne is that she is only the 17th girl to play in the Little League World Series in 68 years, which starts on Thursday, August 14th in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.


Mo’Ne has been playing baseball since she was 7, but one day hopes to play pro for the WNBA. She previously told The Today Show that her talent has earned the respect of her male teammates and opponents. There’s no room for gender-based insults when Mo’Ne steps up to the plate. She says she is determined to make history again in the future.

“I’ll probably either be the first female in the MLB or in the NBA,” said the pitcher.

New Jersey’s Kayla Roncin is the other girl who will be in the Little League World Series this season. These girls, and especially Mo’Ne are part of a generation who clearly aren’t intimidated by the gender separation which is so obvious in sports. The more we have women like Brittney Griner, Becky Hammon, Lesley Visser and others proving being a woman doesn’t mean they can’t dominate all facets of major sports leagues, the more we will see girls like Mo’Ne use their talent to get ahead, rather than play the gender card.

So in case you ever feel the need to use “you throw like a girl” as an insult, maybe think twice about what you are really saying. Telling someone they throw like a girl actually means they throw like a boss, with immense speed and talent, and they will strike you out most likely. Mo’Ne’s pitching skills are certainly kicking some baseball booty and taking names. Her story and history-making actions are proof that your gender should never be a barrier to anything you want to achieve, especially if it is in a male-dominated arena.

Check out an interview with the ace pitcher herself with ESPN W where she talks about dealing with adversity from male players.

“If I’m pitching, I’ll just go out and throw strikes, and they think I throw soft. But then they see my fastball and get kinda scared because I strike them out. Then after that they’ll be nice to be…so I feel like I have to throw it slower to them.”

Like we said, “like a boss”.


  1. So PROUD of you Mo’Ne Davis!! Back in the 1980’s I was DENIED entering the “Pee Wee” leagues as “girls” weren’t ALLOWED. I was 9 years old with amazing skills in Baseball. I rallied up my community and the other “girl” players and marched to city hall. I petitioned and they finally “allowed” me and the other “girls” play.
    That wear I had launched an effective campaign and for the first time the ratio was 60/40 with “girls” being the higher presence. The City All Star Team finally had 2 girls make it from their season’s performance. I was one of those girls and received the All Star Trophy for that series.
    Seeing you, Mon’Ne here has brought tears to my eyes because you’re doing for the FIRST TIME what MANY girls such as myself were denied.
    Much success and may you keep going with this talent!
    MizLiz BBWGeneration

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