14-Year Old Designer Combats Bullying With Creativity

Ludovika Koch

When we think of our 14 year old selves, most of us don’t imagine being famous designers getting ready for fashion week, right? Well that’s not the case for Ludovika Koch.

The teenager, based out of Miami is not your average girl, but a great example of how to rise above adversity during your school years.

She fell in love with designing at the age of 11 when she created her own Halloween costume out of soda cans, because she wasn’t able to afford anything else. Now there’s a clever way to get around not having much cash: get creative!

Since 2010, she has never looked back. Her mother, a TV producer, is constantly surrounded by models, photographers, and designers and that was what set the stage for Ludovika. Her parents currently help her fund her clothing line, which Ludovika models for.

“I love making art, which is why started my line,” she tells the Daily Mail. “I have a taste for glamor and femininity. Colors inspire me, unusual materials and jewels.”

Ludovika Koch

But she’s no rinky-dink designer, because right now Ludovika works to fill custom orders starting at $1000. Not to shabby for a girl who just wanted to get creative! She is currently prepping to showcase her first major collection at Panama Fashion Week on October 12, 2013.The event organizers saw a report featuring Ludovika on CNN, and decided they wanted to invite her as a guest designer this year. No doubt she is the youngest designer ANY fashion week has ever seen! Since the CNN interview, she has been featured on Vogue.com, Huffington Post Style, and The New York Times online to name just a few.

Ludovika has been home-schooled since age 11, which gave her the ability to also work on her clothing line, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the creative genius.”In middle school I had my own style, my own ways,” she said. “I was bullied for expressing myself and not being afraid to stand out. But everyone experiences it at one point, it’s so common in the U.S.”

But while there are some who don’t know how to overcome this cruelty, we love that Ludovika is a great example of how to combat adversity. She decided to get creative an focus on her own goals, rather than trying to keep up with everyone else’s trends. And she has advice for others who have been bullied or are currently experiencing it:

“I want to show people it doesn’t matter what people are going to tell you, what matters are your dreams. if you want something to happen, at the end of the day you only have yourself. You have the choice to play your life as your choose, it’s a blank canvas.”

Clearly she is a fan of breaking down barriers and wanting everyone to feel accepted, as she tweeted this challenging thought on monday:

What an amazing role model who shows adversity doesn’t have to stop you from being who you are created to be. We hope many other young girls will read about Ludovika and be inspired, empowered, and motivated to grab life by the balls and be the best version of themselves possible.Take a look behind the scenes of Ludovika’s Spring 2014 collection.

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