14 Year Old Girl Schools Shark Tank’s “Mr. Wonderful” On GMOs

Rachel Parent

If you have ever watched ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ (the US version), then you are familiar with kevin O’leary, investment and real estate mogul who gives potential business owners the shake down when they step into the pitch room.

Well it’s not very often a guy like this is short for words, especially from someone less than half his age! Rachel Parent is a 14 year old who gave a speech at her high school in Canada about how everyone should have the right to know whether they are eating Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs as they are more commonly referred to.

On May 27 on Canada’s CBC network show “Lang & O’Leary Exchange” Kevin made the comment that people who worry about GMO’s and human health are stupid, and the solution is just to “not eat”.

Rachel, a teen activist who started the Facebook group ‘Kids Right To Know‘ was angered by his comments and was invited on the show to debate with O’Leary face to face. Watch the video below to see how intelligent, well-researched and unfazed Rachel is. She has an answer for every one of his comments and continues to stand by her point of view.

Kids RIght to know

O’Leary does make some valid points about GMO’s being a huge reason why people in 3rd world companies are able to eat food and get all the nutrition they need. But when he asked Rachel about whether she would rather people die of starvation than eat GMO foods, her point is not that people shouldn’t be able to choose to eat it, but that we should all have to right to know whether what we are consuming is organic or genetically modified.

Dear Rachel, your public speaking skills, passion for health issues that affect your generation and your putting all your time and energy into something positive like this is an inspiration! We hope more young girls will be fired up to find their passion even at a young age.

Did we just witness the very first public broadcast of the future Mrs. Prime Minister of Canada?

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