14 Y/O Says “Geeks Are Cool” & Creates Innovative App To Prove It

Geek Girls

In case you didn’t already know, being a geek girl is cool! Not only does the STEM world have some pretty badass women in charge (Marissa Mayer at Yahoo!, Sheryl Sandberg at FacebookChandra Zaveri at Actiogen, and Julie-Larsson Green at Microsoft Games just to name a few) but they are leading the charge for the next generation of geek heroes.

A company based in the UK called Little Miss Geek conduct workshops in schools around the country inspiring girls to become tech pioneers. They recently went to a school in London and spoke to a group of girls about why tech careers are cool and how important it is to have more women involved in STEM careers.

One young girl from St Saviours school, Zea Tongeman was really inspired by the session and counts it as her launchpad to her passion for tech. She wrote a piece for the Guardian about her experience, including details about an App she created herself aimed at helping young people get excited about recycling.

“This was really what got me excited about technology because it showed me that you don’t have to be sitting at a computer screen all day typing really fast, you can be creative with it and do anything you want.” she says.

After the life-changing workshops, Zea was told about a tech competition by her IT teacher called Apps For Good, which is an organization that empowers students to solve problems in the world by creating digital solutions and changing the way tech is taught in schools. Zea along with fellow student Jordan Stirbu designed their very own app called ‘Jazzy Recycling’.

Zea Tongeman

“Jazzy Recycling helps you find places to recycle, what you can recycle and then lets you scan, share and get rewards for what you’ve recycled. We believe a social incentive using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can really help young people like me recycle more.” says Zea about the app.

After the competition, thanks to some exposure from Apps for Good, the student duo were approached by an Angel Investor and former UK Apprentice star Raj Dhonota who is helping them fund and launch the app in early 2014!

This experience has shown Zea a whole new world where technology is not just some arbitrary thing that exists to help you send emails, but it is part of every day life.

“I used to think technology was just fixing computers and saying thing like: “have you tried turning it on and off again?”. But I have discovered another side to it and that you can make tech your own.Technology is in everything now, you can do whatever you like with it.”

Thanks to groups like Little Miss Geek, and its counter parts in the US like Girls Who Code, and Marvel’s new STEM program, we are seeing a new generation of young girls who realize the impact they can have by choosing a tech career. It’s no longer a boys club, and it’s not something boring to them anymore. Just take Zea’s word for it: being a geek is cool.

“So to all the girls who think tech is for boys in their bedrooms who can’t get girlfriends, we are the new generation and we can use technology as a tool to do all sorts of different things. So thank you Little Miss Geek, I’ve realized being a geek is cool!”


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