17 Y/O Girl Discovers Her Passion Thanks To The Empowerment Project

Cassidy Jacoby

Hello! My name is Cass Jacoby and I am  a 17-year-old high school senior. When I am not taking notes on composition of films, you can find me  involving myself in live theater or discussing literature.

As soon as I knew I had the ability to become a mentee with The Empowerment Project crew, I promptly called in sick to school and carpooled with my mom downtown to the film location, where unbeknownst to me, my mind would be enlarged with the power of film. Personally, I hold a great deal of interest  in the reality of documentary films, and the positive impacts that can be made through a film medium. Luckily, the Empowerment project was the perfect vehicle to, not only answer my burning questions about film production in relation to realistic elements, but to explore the possibilities that are achievable when you follow your passions.

As a high school senior, I regularly  think about college and feel  the stress of deciding upon my future. There is an overwhelming pressure to make the right choices in order to be successful and happy. The Empowerment project has taught me that regardless of my choice in major or college, I will thrive.  Through the insight of the film crew I  was allowed the ability to come to the realization that careers and passions will change, but if you follow your whims of passion you will always be on the right path. There was certainly a reassuring aspect to seeing five strong female role models in their element being able to pause from a promo shot and tell a young girl everything she needed to hear to know she will thrive in whatever path she takes.

The best part about filming with five fun female film-makers (say that five times fast) was seeing how they much fun they have together, and how close they have become. I highly recommend watching their YouTube videos and following their journey because the relationship they all have with each other, and the passion for their job is awe-inspiring and will absolutely make you jealous.

On the set I felt such an incredible affinity towards these five women and their ability to accept me with open arms. Believe me when I say one day of being part of this family has given me more strength and resilience to take on my future than the entirety of my senior year! When I look back to the thirty minutes Sarah Moshman, the director, spent to talk to me about college and reassure me of my future, or having Dana Cook, the producer, patiently answer my millions of questions about ethics in documentaries and differences found in unscripted media, I know that I have  not only gained incredible examples of the person I want to be, but friendship.

The extent of their talent and passion for film can only be surpassed by their incredible love and their talent to be a good friend. I am incredibly inspired by each one, and know that through this project, I have not only gained five mentors, but the confidence and courage to conquer my future with the same amount of determination and ambition as it took took for them to create this project.  I have a reinforced faith in my future, and for that I am grateful.

You can follow Cass on Twitter @Lanceratheart


Check out another behind-the-scenes video from The Empowerment Project’s and get to know the female crew members’ take on love and…barf?? Yes, these are the conversations that happen when you spend hours and hours on the road in a van traveling across America. No holds barred!


  1. All of these interns write very well. I already knew you girls were kind, smart and awesome, but now all these other young ladies know it too! What a great feeling it must give each of you, to know you are changing lives for the better and giving these ladies the courage to go after their dream. So proud of all of you. Safe travels.
    Love, Gma

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