24 Y/O Iranian Woman Makes History With This Act

Shirin Gerami

Act of Athleticism and determination that is.

Meet Shirin Gerami and get familiar with her name and face because we are certain this is the first of many news stories about her.

On Sunday, September 15, Shirin made history by becoming the first Iranian female triathlete to compete in the World Championships, held in London’s Hyde Park.

She was dressed in full Islamic gear and was damn proud of it. Why is this significant you may be wondering? Because normally female athletes from Iran are denied permission (yes, they have to ask permission) to race in events where men can spectate, as it goes against their Muslim culture.

She completed a 1500m swim, 40km cycle, and a 10km run in 2 hours and 42 minutes, placing 72nd out of a total 87 athletes competing. The numbers, while they are significant in the sporting world, are less important that what her competing means for women around the entire world.

This was all made possible by Shirin convincing the Iranian Sports Ministry that she is willing to respect the Islamic requirements and dressed in an outfit that covered her full body. The International Triathalon Union also helped her out by providing a tent for her to change in privacy in between events.

When Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani came into office last month, he promised to work toward advancing equality for women in his country, and the support he gave Gerami shows he means that. He tweeted:


And this:



As for Shirin, she hopes this event will inspire others, especially Muslim women who have dreams and ambitions like hers.

“I very much hope it will inspire other women to participate in triathlon.” she told the Guardian. “The biggest, biggest lesson I learned is to always think positive,” Gerami said.

Let this be an example to women everywhere who have a dream and don’t think it is possible. If you are determined and persevere despite opposition you will succeed. If you are truly passionate about something and know what you are going to do will be significant somehow, don’t let a million “No’s” hold you back. All you need is one “yes” to open the door to pave your way.

Just because many odds may be stacked against you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing something. In some cases, it’s battling through difficult circumstances and negative attitudes that make you stronger and make your victory that much sweeter.

Never ever give up!



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