3 Popular Topics To Become A Youtube Influencer With

Looking at social media, it has become commonplace to see influencers and social media personalities promoting brands and products, more than traditional marketing or ads in some cases. It has become one of the go-to methods for companies to reach target audiences, and tap into accounts and pages that already have a considerable following or engagement.

Although influencers have become a type of digital celebrity of their own class, they are essentially ordinary folks like us who started a blog, vlog or a channel to share their voice and passions. Many of these high-profile influencers started out when there was far less competition, and steadily built a following over the years.

If you are thinking of becoming a digital influencer, it is important to know where to start, and find the right platform for you. It will take time, persistence, consistency and research to ensure your content stands out from the rest. Money from being an influencer doesn’t necessarily come overnight, but if you work hard enough to build a following you can steadily reap the rewards.

When it comes to Youtube, a platform that is now flooded with content creators, there are a number of topics that have become the most popular when it comes to influencers. This article shares 3 of the most popular and highly-searched topics on Youtube, where everyday influencers with varying subscriber sizes have become authoritative voices that consumers flock to, rather than brands or tradition advertising.

1 – Makeup tutorials

Makeup tutorial videos are arguably the most popular video channels on Youtube right now, with some creators become pseudo-celebrities in their own right, bagging sponsorship deals with major makeup brands and appearing in TV commercials. From Manny MUA to Jeffree Star, these young men have totally disrupted what was a female-dominated industry and given voice to a generation of LGBTQ youth who seek to dismantle gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity when it comes to beauty.

With influencers spanning the globe sharing their makeup tips and creating content that has become beloved by subscribers everywhere, don’t let this put you off creating your own makeup tutorial videos or channel. The key is to be authentic and find your niche. Subscribers and viewers are drawn to a Youtube personality because of what sets them apart, and how much they allow audiences into their personal lives.

Additionally, for people looking for makeup ideas on the go or who just want to learn something new, searching “smokey eye makeup” or “contouring” on Youtube has essentially become more popular than magazines or in-person demonstrations at your favorite department store.

Because of the instant access you can create by sharing your own personal makeup tricks and style, beauty has become a more accessible industry, where major brands like Sephora and MAC now seek out influencers as ambassadors because of their popularity.

Start with something you love, find your unique style, create a space to set up lighting and your make-up equipment, and give it a go!

2 – Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is fast-becoming a highly-saturated space. But because more and more people are spending quite a bit of money on crypto it is an interesting topic to center a Youtube channel around, especially if you are passionate about the topic and want to share your perspective and insights. Personal connection to a topic or brand is important, because Youtubers become popular due to their authenticity.

In an area dominated by men right now, setting yourself apart by taking a woman’s perspective on it could be the niche you want to focus on. Starting with topics that focus on the basics like “How do I download my BTC wallet?” will potentially get followers interested and help you gradually grow a dedicated audience.

3 – DIY home repairs 

Home repairs are generally pretty expensive so making videos that help people do their own are always popular. Once again, there are a lot of vloggers out there covering this topic, but the secret is to find your niche and personal style that will help you stand out.  

DIY home repairs can mean you tackle something ordinary and turn it into a video where viewers can learn some helpful tricks and share it widely with others. Take tankless heater installation as an example. Although it may not sound like the first thing you will type into the Youtube search bar, you never know when you need a video like this. There are a lot of rules about where to install a tankless water heater and it can be confusing. Making videos about everyday home repairs can become a popular brand or area. 

*This article has been contributed on behalf of Paxful. However, the information provided herein is not and is not intended to be, investment, financial, or other advice.