3 Tips To Help Women In The Business Sector Succeed, Rise & Make Themselves Invaluable

With statistics showing how the business world is still very male-dominated, especially further up the leadership ladder you go, it can seem like a daunting task for women to get ahead and break through that glass ceiling. Inequality and discrimination are still rampant in the business sector, and many women experience a lot of different setbacks they must face and overcome to be a successful business woman.

Though success is not impossible, it can sometimes be hard to see how one actually makes it to the top, or what someone needs to implement to get there. We are in an era where the old “act like a lady, think like a man” notion of adopting masculine traits is not necessarily the most effective way to get ahead. Women are now drawing upon their own strengths and support systems (think: women’s networking groups and Lean In-style organizations) to succeed. No matter what level you are at within your business career, here are some simple steps to ensure you can take control of your own career trajectory.

Be Ruthless

It is often said that in today’s modern business world, women must be polite and patient in order to rise through the ranks. It seems like a double standard placed on women, as it is expected for men to be the opposite – assertive, authoritative and confident. So many women patiently wait for their boss to notice their hard efforts and give them a raise or give them extra responsibility, for it to never happen. In order for you performance and effort to be noticed, you have to be ruthless in your approach. Don’t patiently wait for anyone to notice you. We need to abolish the stereotype of women being labeled a “bitch” for knowing what they want and asserting this within the workplace.

If you feel you do a substantial amount of work that should warrant a raise in pay. Be confident in asking for a raise when you know you earned in. Collect a dossier of examples of your work and show your boss as proof, if need be. Remind your boss of the specifications of your current position, and how you are overreaching them. Take a leading role in projects that you are working on, and don’t let others try to silence you or take credit for you work. If you act in this way, you are sure to be noticed, as not just a hard worker, but a forceful and energetic member of the workforce.

Seek Support

Nobody gets through their career without getting a bit of help, and being in business is no different. Mentorship is a key component to any successful career, and supportive mentors are an invaluable find. Whether it is someone directly within your workspace, a community member, or someone whose career trajectory you admire, having someone you can bounce ideas of get support from is important. There are also multitude of blogs and websites dedicated to sharing the stories of successful women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

It’s not just support groups, but also strategy-building resources that are designed to help you with projects, pitches and more. At sites like papersowl.com you can get help with custom assignment writing, this can help you to bolster your output as you’ll get support with any writing tasks you have to do. The important thing is to know that support is not something you need to shy away from. You can even buy a dissertation paper if you don’t have time to put one together yourself. In the technology-driven world we live in, there are many tools to help you work effectively and smarter.

Make A Record

This may seem like something unimportant, but it can be valuable in a number of ways. Keeping a record of your work and contribution to big projects especially may come in handy when it comes time to negotiating a raise, or simply having your annual work assessment chat with your boss. If you took the lead on a major project, make a note of it. If you create an important presentation, make a note of it. When you look back on timeline you will be able to see how much work you have done and feel accomplished. No task is too small. It can also be a handy record to have when it comes time to interview for a new job. You can share your list of skills with a prospective employer knowing you are someone who values the work you do.

Being a woman in the business sector doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or daunting prospect. Especially right now in the era of #MeToo where there are an increasing number of conversations relating to harassment, discrimination and assault. There has never been a better time for women in the workforce to speak out and be confident in themselves. If you are ruthless, people will take notice of your confident work ethic. If you get support, your work output will increase tenfold. And if you make a note of everything you do, you will get a more well rounded sense of your own importance to the company you are working for.


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