3 Ways Spas and Salons Are Using CBD

CBD is a wonderful compound that comes from the cannabis plant and is said to have lots of different benefits. From helping you sleep to reducing anxiety, CBD can be used in a number of ways. It’s also available in so many different forms such as CBD oils, CBD gummies, and even CBD coffee beans. With so many options, you’re bound to find something that you like. As well as people using CBD for personal use, more and more businesses are starting to incorporate it into their services as well. Spas are one of the main places to start using this relaxing compound in their treatments, and it has taken them by storm. So, if you’re thinking of heading off to a spa for a relaxing weekend but want something a little extra, keep reading and discover 3 ways spas are using CBD! 

What is CBD and how can it help you relax? 

As previously mentioned, CBD is natural and safe to use substance that is derived from the cannabis plant. It works with receptors throughout the systems in your body and changes the way they react to pain, meaning we can benefit from anti-inflammatory pain relief, as well as within the brain, to help with racing thoughts and feelings of stress. CBD has both physical and mental advantages, which is why it is a popular component of modern spa treatments.  

1. CBD Massage Oils

When you go to a spa, you’ll most likely want to get a relaxing massage to help you forget all your worries and soothe your achy muscles. However, sometimes you might have a deeper tissue problem that massage doesn’t improve that much. But with the addition of CBD into their massage oils, its anti-inflammatory properties of it will penetrate deep into your muscles and relax them. You’ll find that spas now offer deep tissue massage that’s combined with CBD as it enhances the treatment and allows your body to recover. Other massage treatments can still benefit from the use of CBD as it does more than help your muscles. A massage alone is relaxing, but when you add CBD into the mix, it will completely diminish any stress and tension you were holding in your body.

2. CBD Facials

As well as being good for your muscles and relaxing your mind and body, CBD when used in face creams can be extremely nourishing for the skin. A lot of spas now provide CBD facials as part of their treatment packages. CBD face creams can soothe sore, dry skin, and they can also boost your circulation. Increased facial circulation can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing you to maintain a youthful look. There are also exfoliators infused with CBD that are being used during spa facials as the calming properties of CBD will make the treatment less harsh but work just as well. A CBD oil can be great to hydrate the skin too. Adding a layer of CBD oil to the face during a facial can really quench your skin’s thirst as well as leave you feeling silky soft. 

3. CBD Mani-Pedi

When you go to a spa, you don’t just focus on massage and facials. Manicures and pedicures are commonplace in a spa, but did you know that adding CBD to the routine can greatly enhance the experience? CBD is said to restore dry skin, so it can be brilliant for those with cracked skin. If you have aching feet after a long day out and about, a CBD pedicure can be just the thing you need. A pedicure incorporates foot and nail care with massage, so adding a CBD massage oil into the treatment can enable your muscles to relax and soreness to dissipate. CBD oil is also said to hydrate your nail cuticles and keeping them healthy is essential if you want strong nails. Using CBD oils will also prevent the nails from becoming brittle and breaking as they will have been properly hydrated. The addition of CBD into a mani-pedi can really make a difference to the effectiveness of the treatment and leave you with hydrated, healthy nails and skin. 

CBD treatments are quickly becoming a firm favorite among spa-goers, and it’s easy to see why. From hydrating your skin to relaxing your muscles, to even alleviating pain, CBD treatments are going to become a staple in the spa world. So, if you’re looking for something a little different on your relaxing getaway, why not sign up for some CBD treatments and see the amazing results for yourself. 

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