4 Inconspicuous Tech-Based Wearables That Won’t Clash With Your Wardrobe

The wearable industry is booming, with Gartner Research predicting worldwide wearable device sales will soar to 17 percent during 2017. From smartwatches to Fitbits, it seems like everyone is strapping on a wearable these days. But that doesn’t necessarily mean wearables are necessarily the most stylish pieces of technology on the market.

Instead of just grabbing for anything to help keep connected during the day, you can choose an inconspicuous wearable that won’t clash with your wardrobe and can actually enhance it. Here are some of the most fashionable wearables on the market to keep you hyper-connected during the day.

Galaxy Note8

Kick off your technology-inspired wardrobe with a smartphone that’s as fashionable as it is useful. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is sleek and stylish with the ability to take notes without ever unlocking your screen, hand write messages and create shareable gifs. The Stylus also feels more like a real pen and is water resistant for travelers and wearable lovers on the go. But here’s why it’s super fashionable. With a borderless display, the Galaxy Note8’s infinity screen makes it easy to pair your smartphone with whatever you’re wearing. Even better, you can take selfies with your dual-lens camera to snap a selfie of what you’re wearing and instantly post it to Instagram.


Jewelry meets technology with Ringly where your friends just think you scored an amazing new ring and have no idea it’s actually a water-resistant fitness tracker. Just slip it on with your favorite outfit whether you’re headed to work or going out for drinks. You can also use it to help set and keep meditation goals and use the in-app guided breathing exercises to enhance your inner, fashionable self and not just your outside.

Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket

You might completely forget you’re even wearing technology with Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard jacket. Google had a hand in helping create the touch and gesture interactivity that’s woven directly into the sleeve of this jacket. When you sync it up with your smartphone, you can just tap your jacket and listen to your music or chat with friends without reaching into your pocket for a device. This makes it an idea wearable for bikers and walking commuters who can’t afford to start fishing around for their devices when they’re on the go.

Rebecca Minkoff Cable Bracelet

We’ve all experienced it. We’re running around to meetings, shuffling the kids to and from school and catching up on work and get stuck without a charger. Instead of digging through your tangle of cords, you can wear a James Bond-inspired bracelet that charges your phone at the same time. The Rebecca Minkoff Cable Bracelet tucks away a hidden USB connector with a lighting cable so you can both charge and sync your smartphone. When you’re done, you can just strap it back on and enjoy feeling like a trendsetter on the go.

Apple and Fitbit may be leaders in the wearable space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand your reach to the latest, fashionable trendsetting wearables that fuse together your favorite look with the technology you need. Start with the tech you need most and expand until your wardrobe is full of technology and fashion that speaks to your signature style.

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