4 Philanthropic iPhone Apps To Help You Change The World Without Leaving Your Home


It often feels difficult or overwhelming to think about trying to make a difference in the world, but it doesn’t have to be. In reality, technology has made it easier than ever to live a philanthropic life. You have the power to make a difference, and it rests in the palm of your hands! Technology offers a window into a world full of people in need of our resources. It’s also an incredible starting point for all the ways in which we can help. And sometimes, the technology itself can actually be that helping hand.

If you take a quick trip to the Apple App Store and you’ll find a collection of apps that are designed specifically to help individuals and groups do some immediate good. With just a few taps and swipes, anyone can easily donate to a worthy charity, find volunteer opportunities, or raise awareness for their own cause without ever leaving the couch. With that in mind, here are four philanthropically focused iPhone apps that make it incredibly easy to give back and make a difference.

Charity Miles

Looking for a way to test the GPS on your new iPhone 6s Plus? Track the miles on your next run while also supporting the charity of your choice with Charity Miles. This app doesn’t just motivate you to get off the couch and exercise, it also turns every mile you run or walk into a charitable donation. You can earn up to 25 cents per mile for your charity without ever spending a penny. Although you will definitely burn a lot of calories trying to hit their million dollar per user limit.

Volunteer Match

Volunteering in your free time can be trickier than you think. It isn’t always easy to know who to contact or where to be. Plus, you want to find the right opportunity that makes the best use of your skills. That’s where Volunteer Match steps in. Users download the app, create a profile and are then shown a list of opportunities that perfectly match your philanthropic goals and skill set. It even provides reviews of each organization so you can feel confident that your donated time is well spent. Find a volunteer opportunity that you really like? Volunteer Match will let you share it with friends on Facebook to help attract even more support.

One Today

One Today is a Google-run charity that lets users donate $1 at a time to their favorite charity and then monitor how their donation made a real impact. Google doesn’t take any fee for the service and the app is completely free for non-profit organizations. The purpose of the app is certainly philanthropic, but Google also sees One Today as an educational tool. For skeptics who worry that their dollar isn’t really making a difference, the app shows how even a few pennies can turn into a gallon of clean water or a pair of shoes for child a half a world away.


Instead is all about making users more aware of how they spend money while offering them philanthropic alternatives. Do you buy a $4 cup of coffee every morning on the way to work? Instead will show you all the ways that just one $4 donation can have a huge impact for any number of charitable organizations. If you decide to skip your morning latte, the app will connect you to a number of charities so you can donate your savings. The app isn’t designed to make users feel guilty about frivolous purchases. It simply works to educate users about how tiny donations can add up to big change.


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