4 Skills & Qualities The Public Health Sector Wants From Their Employees

To be involved in the public health sector, there are many things required to excel in this role. In this profession, you provide a very important part of our society. These are some of the skills that really need to be considered when you are deciding to apply for a degree in this area. It’s just as important to have an awareness of the public health career options on offer before choosing to study it. The choices to consider cover a wide range of sectors. This will help undergraduates who are thinking of going into public health as a career. If any of the below describe you, a job in public health could be something for you to consider.


This is the foundation as well as probably the most important skill of all you’ll ever need in any type of profession. You will need to be able to communicate with your colleagues and higher professionals. As public health is very community-based, this is where communication plays the biggest role. You need to be able to approach people confidently and reassure them as, after all, they trust in you. Not to mention, communicating health effectively is now a key aspect of the role. Communication underlines the best way to convey these services, as you can then promote the best health and well-being of others.


Working in a job like this can be very emotionally difficult at times. Sometimes it feels like the more you care the worse it gets. But, as much as you may try avoiding your emotions in certain situations, a level of sympathy and empathy is strongly encouraged, especially in crucial times when dealing with fragile circumstances with either peers or patients. A way to overcome this is facing these emotional challenges and seeking advice on how to overcome this, meaning you don’t have to lose something as precious as compassion.

Problem Solving

As we all know, working in any profession, many things can go wrong. Therefore, when applying to study a degree like this and considering the MPH career options, someone who can be positively responsive in sticky situations is ideal. Being able to think quickly and provide a solution, is an important skill that your employers will be looking for.


In public health, you can’t simply pick it up and drop it whenever you see fit. It is something that needs to be an on-going passion in your life. Consistency is a necessity for success. The best way to eat an elephant is bit by bit, so making sure you’re always showing focus on a degree like this is vital. And above all, commitment to the team as well as assisting the public is crucial.

Public health is a fast-growing and dynamic profession to go into. With these skills in mind, it should make it clearer if this degree is right for you or not. Although these skills can be adapted to multiple professions, in one like this, you can never take these for granted.


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