4 Ways Older Women Can Empower Themselves

Most cultures worldwide revere their elders because they respect the wisdom time brings. Anybody over a certain age has seen many things in their life, and they develop invaluable perspectives that can’t form any other way.

Older women have experiences and insight that can not only become tools for self-empowerment, but also ways to empower others in their community. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ways older women empower themselves.

Friendly Games

Older women in centres like All Seniors Care play games against each other that fulfill vital functions in their lives. The word “play” can be misleading because sometimes people wrongly think of fun, enriching activities as being frivolous.

From indoor bocce, billiards, and shuffleboard, older women who lightly compete against each other in such games make new friends, enjoy stimulating challenges, and find a new sense of purpose or enlarge an old one. It turns out that when play is taken seriously, it’s not just a game.

Art for the Win

Art can be extremely meaningful for the artist and their audience. This is true for world-famous writers or ordinary people recording thoughts and views in a space read by peers and friends. 

On a basic level, sometimes art means decorating a thing or space where you spend time to make it prettier or add to its aura. Art can also provide deep intellectual stimulation and spiritual fulfillment. 

When older women want to explore their innermost selves or connect with their country’s or city’s history, they often use art as a medium. 

Modest Exercise

Is there anything better than going for a gratuitously long walk? There’s a reason that poets have written odes to walking for centuries!

Walking can clear your mind and help you destress. If you happen to have any negative feelings, if something major is going on in your life, you’ll feel better after a walk.

It also keeps the body active without putting untoward stress on your joints that may come with more intense forms of exercise. Enjoy nice, quiet moments with friends while walking the neighbourhood or on some nature trails.

Eating Well

Food is a lot more than just something your body needs to survive. Full, delicious meals with friends and family are the cornerstone of civilization. Breaking bread is what hospitality and culture are all about, and it has been since at least the time of Homer’s Odyssey, the centre of Greek mythology.

Older women know what their bodies need and understand the fullest ways to enjoy a meal. Eating well means elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary, from things like the table settings and how to layer courses and make guests feel welcome and indulged. 

Some stories of female empowerment involve individuals directly confronting large systemic power that changes society moving forwards. Other involve closely paying attention to life’s fundamentals and doing them well with good company. Those who have lived a long life have much to teach. They can also apply these lessons to empower themselves and those fortunate enough to be nearby.

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