5 Elevated Themes For Your Joint Wedding Shower

Modern couples aren’t letting tradition take over their big day, so why would the bridal shower celebration be any different? Today, more and more couples have decided to leave convention behind by remaking what was once a ladies-only bridal shower into a coed couple’s commemoration. So, for those engaged duos who can’t bear to celebrate without their other half, here is a list of a few chic themes for your bachelor and bachelorette parties.

1. Around-The-World-Shower

This is a perfect choice for couples who love traveling and are always one foot out the door on their next fantastic adventure. Have fun picking out certain food dishes that pay homage to some of your favorite far-flung places. Maybe your menu will include steak from Argentina or bread and cheese from France. Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciate the excitement in trying new flavors and getting to know you as a couple a bit more.

2. Fancy Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect time for a light-hearted celebration with loved ones, and you get to enjoy champagne before noon! If you’re looking to create an elevated take on this common theme, start with the design of your coed shower invitations. Using a well-made, beautifully-designed invitation will signal to family and friends that this brunch isn’t like all those other basic brunches. Try adding in some live music such as jazz or blues to accompany your brunch vibe, or jazzing up the aesthetics with some stunning linen and tablecloths. Other ways to level up your event include adding savory items to your menu — think salmon frittatas and high-end liquor to dazzle in cocktails.

3. Cooking Class

Even the most well-planned showers can lead to a lot of sitting time for guests, especially when you think about the gift opening, the speeches, and so on. Ultimately, you need to make sure your soiree is dynamic and allows for attendees to move around. But if your aim is to throw a chic party, lawn games are probably out of the question. The solution to all the sitting? Host a cooking class for your couple’s shower. In doing so, guests get to spend some time on their feet as they try to recreate a chef-inspired meal. Bring in a personal chef to teach in your home or host your guests at a hip restaurant. Either way, those invited get to savor a delicious meal and your shower will feel more interactive.

4. Tasting Event

Maybe touring vineyards in California or Italy with your love has been one of the highlights of your relationship. In that case, there is no more perfect time to bring your enjoyment of wine or any spirit to the forefront than at your couple’s shower. Create a tasting menu to pair with different variations of your favorite beverage and let guests have fun trying to perfect how to properly hold their glasses as they work to pinpoint each aromatic profile.

5. Roof Top Soiree

There’s something about a sweeping view that adds a sense of glamour to any affair. If you and your significant other are looking for an outdoor venue with a sophisticated feel, renting out a hotel rooftop could be your perfect answer. Hire a few waitstaff to serve hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails as guests marvel at the views.

Take it all in as a couple

Think of it this way: This is an event your significant other can actually be a part of, so maybe don’t stress as much. Try planning it together to incorporate both of your tastes. Once you’ve picked out a theme and designed your perfect invitation, all that’s left to do is enjoy the time with friends and loved ones.

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