5 Of The Best CBD Products to Improve Sleep

Today more than ever before, people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) to improve their sleep. If you are interested in this, you may wonder what products to try, and which products are better than the others?

At some point, most people have dealt with poor sleep. It may be the occasional restless night or bouts of insomnia, but sleeping issues are common in many people’s lives. If you are ready to try CBD to help improve your sleep, choose from the products on our list of top options.

1. Joy Organics CBD Oil – The Best Natural Option

Joy Organics specializes in all types of broad-spectrum CBD products. They all contain the beneficial elements of the hemp plant, without the THC content. If your goal is to benefit from CBD and avoid THC, then Joy Organics is the perfect brand to purchase.

Choosing this brand means you can shop a huge selection of products, including drink mixes, topicals, capsules, and oils. All the offerings are made with broad-spectrum hemp extract, which provides CBD and other beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids present in the hemp plant.

2. CBDistillery CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture – Best for Improved Sleep Quality

This product was specifically created to help promote better sleep. As a result, you can’t really go wrong with it if that is your goal. The tincture is made with a 1:3 ratio of CBN to CBD with 150 mg and 450 mg respectively in each bottle.

Some customers have stated that the flavor is not the best but did report that it helped with sleep, so it may be worth trying.

3. Medterra CBD Oil – Best Affordable Option

This is considered a reputable CBD company that includes all the signs of a top-quality brand. You will find several different CBD products, all sourced from non-GMO, organic hemp. Also, it is all grown in Kentucky. The products are used via the CO2 extraction method, which ensures all THC is removed.

4. Spruce Rest – Best CBD + CBN Oil

Another specially formulated product to improve sleep, Spruce Rest, includes both CBD and CBN (like the one above). This works to help promote a more restful night of sleep. Even though it is one of the most expensive options, most people claim that it provides the results they are looking for and is worth the investment.

5. Cornbread Hemp – Best Full Spectrum CBD

This product includes the highest legal levels of THC along with other minor cannabinoids that will help you relax and unwind before going to bed. It is also USDA organic and uses organic hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

Choosing the Best CBD Product for Sleep

There are many options when it is time to choose the best CBD product to help improve sleep. Whether it is a tincture product you are looking for, or gummies like these potent thco edibles, there are plenty of options available. This list can help ensure you find a product that suits your needs, and that will help you get the restful night of sleep you deserve. 

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