5 Pet Care Tips For Busy Owners

While spending every moment with your dog sounds ideal, this isn’t the reality for most pet owners. Life gets busy, making it challenging to keep up with your pet care responsibilities. However, this doesn’t mean you need to let your dog’s wellbeing come second. With some simple life hacks, you can keep up with your packed schedule and give your pooch the attention he or she deserves. Here are a few tips that overwhelmed dog owners can use to better manage animal care. 

1. Stick to a routine.

Set routines are essential for busy people, so make sure yours includes dog care. Schedule a morning walk, feed your dog at the same time daily, and build in some time together in the evening. If you work from home or come home for lunch, try to take your dog outside at the same time every day. This routine will help you easily meet your dog’s needs, and your dog will adapt to the rhythm of their day.

2. Order a dog food subscription.

At some point, you’ve likely returned home from a long day only to realize you’re out of dog food. Dog-gear mentions that buying pet supplies can be challenging and this task can slip your mind when you’re busy. A dog food subscription can take the stress out of feeding your pet. Look online for reviews of fresh dog food subscriptions and ask for recommendations from other dog owners you know. Doing your research ensures that you make the best choice for your pet’s health, as well as your budget. Once you choose a service, you can enjoy the peace of mind of always having dog food at home.

3. Have an at-ready list of veterinary providers.

When you have a packed schedule, it can be a major headache if your dog gets sick. And it can be hard to notice small changes in your pet’s behavior or look for symptoms as well. For instance, a dog scratching might seem like a normal dog habit for you, but they could be suffering from underlying conditions such as infections or allergies. You can visit this page to learn more. Prepare for the unexpected by writing a list of local vets and animal hospitals that you trust and putting it in a clear place in your home. This way, someone else can easily get your dog to a vet if you’re unavailable.

4. Schedule appointments early.

It’s easy to let your dog’s grooming and veterinary appointments slip your mind when you’re so focused on your own schedule. This is why it’s wise to schedule your dog’s appointments ahead of time. Pick a date several months in advance with your vet or groomer, and remember that you can change it if it ends up conflicting with your own schedule. Just be sure to write the appointments in your personal and family calendar, so they remain on your radar. 

5. Get help!

Busy pet owners don’t have to do it all on their own. There are plenty of services available to help you care for your furry friend. Take your pet to doggie daycare, hire a dog walker, and find a trainer who comes to your house. While these services can be pricey, it’s often worth it when you know your dog’s needs are covered. If you have children, ask them to take a more active role in your dog’s care. When you have a team of people helping with these responsibilities, you can enjoy quality time with your dog at the end of the day without stress. 

When you live a busy life, your dog can help you de-stress and appreciate everyday joys. And you can make the most of your time together by optimizing their care. By staying organized and hiring help, you allow your furry friend to live their healthiest life without sacrificing your career or responsibilities. That’s something to wag your tail about.

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