5 Tips For Renting A Car Before Heading Out On A Girl’s Road Trip

Are you planning a girl’s road trip? It goes without saying that renting a car for a road trip is better than using your own car. Besides making this a time you and your crew will remember for a long time, having a vehicle that’s running smoothly is crucial. It is, after all, a road trip. As you shop for the best option, use these tips to make a checklist on what to consider when renting a car for your upcoming travels

1. The rentals branch location and hours 

Road trips don’t necessarily start from your hometown, and even when they do, you want to be sure you can access the car when you are ready to move. Work with a company that has branches close to the airport or your hometown, and one that is open 24/7 such as globecar.com. Companies with branches throughout the country will come in handy in case something goes wrong, and you need to check with their offices. 

2. Round-trip or one-way rental 

Are you planning on flying out of a different location than the one you arrived? Then a one-way rental will work for you. One-way rentals allow you to take more extensive road trips without backtracking. But, some trips make more sense with a round-trip. Compare vehicle availability and rates and determine what works best for you. 

3. You get the right vehicle 

Road trips mean you need room for your team and luggage. You also need a car that will handle the terrain you will encounter. Your everyday vehicle may not be up to par with these needs. Car rentals have a variety of cars to choose from. Chances of getting a vehicle that will meet your space, speed, and terrain needs are high. Rental prices may vary depending on the model, but this is a small price to pay for the right vehicle. Choose a vehicle that will bring comfort to the driver and passengers. 

4. Roadside assistance 

Nothing ruins a road trip like traffic fatality. Roadside emergencies are dangerous and can be stressful, sucking the fun out of your trip. In many states, tow-trucks are always around the corner, but the amount they charge even for short distances can set you back hundreds of dollars. Money you should be using for fun instead. To protect yourself from any eventualities, make sure you purchase roadside assistance and insurance. Roadside assistance makes you get to your destination safe and deal with an emergency when you are relaxed. You can also check a car’s history by utilizing a service just as www.justcarchecks.co.uk, which offers a free MOT history check.

5. Mileage restrictions 

There is no restriction for driving a rental car across states, but some rental companies will have a mileage restriction. Most cars will have restrictions on one-way rentals in the U.S. and Canada while others will have a one-way fee separate from the daily or weekly rates you pay. Check if your desired car comes with unlimited mileage and whether one-way charges apply. 

Road trips are flexible and give you 100 percent control. You don’t have to go with anyone’s timetable or schedule. You also have the freedom to be spontaneous and are an adventure. Renting a car to match will make sure you have an enjoyable trip.

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