5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions

If you are someone who has eyelash extensions, or is thinking about getting them, you will already know about the need to maintain and take care of them properly. Eyelash Extensions can also be quite pricey and are very delicate, so the need to properly care for them is quite high. Using regular cleaning products can harm your eyelash extensions. There are some particular techniques and good eyelash extension products which will ensure your lashes last a long time. Here are some quick tips for how to take care of eyelash extensions. You can find out more about care on expert websites like https://noblelashes.eu/.

Invest In Good Quality Eyelash Cleanser

Using a face wash to cleanse your eyelash extensions is sure to ruin them after a couple of washes. To make these false lashes last a long time, invest in a good quality cleanser. Go for unscented cleansers because scents are artificial additives that are not required and are best avoided. Additionally, make sure that the cleanser is oil-free, as are other eyelash extension products that you use. Oily products let the oil attach itself to the tiny micro gaps that may be present and eventually cause damage to extensions. Make sure the cleanser is strong enough to take off any makeup and residue which may be on your extensions without deshaping or spoiling them. 

Aftercare post-treatment

The first 48 hours after the treatment are crucial. It is important to remember not to get your extensions wet during this time. If exposed to water for this duration, the glue used to attach the extensions to your actual eyelashes would lose its strength. After 48 hours, it is important to wash them regularly. Use eyelash extension products so that your extensions do not get damaged. 

Avoid Friction

Rubbing your eyes with eyelash extensions definitely spoils your eyelashes. Avoid doing this as it will harm the attachment and probably lead to the extensions being ripped. Additionally, care must be taken to avoid picking on the extensions. During the adjustment period, picking on eyelash extensions is a very strong urge because they can feel really weird and uncomfortable. But care must be taken to avoid that, as you even run the risk of pulling out your real lashes. 

Check your makeup

As with cleaning products like makeup removers and cleansers, what makeup products are being used on and around the extensions is also important to know. Your current mascara might not be the best for these. While mascara is not really required after getting lash extensions, if you still want to use it, make sure it is made for eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions products can now easily be found on the internet as well as in shops, so efforts must be made to get products that are compatible. 

Keep Appointments

When getting extensions, it is important to keep up with appointments with your salon to get them retouched every 2-4 weeks. The duration depends upon treatment. Ask your salon/clinic about the frequency of visits, and do not miss it. 

Eyelash extensions are fun and useful. Whether you want longer lashes or just some volume for a regular look, with little care and maintenance, they can stay with you for a long time.

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