5 Ways To Get The Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams

At some point in your life, you have likely thought about what your perfect engagement would be like. Will it be a surprise? Will it happen in a place that is special to you and your partner? What will your ring look like? These thoughts make up the dreams that many of us have about our futures, and the perfect ring is a big part of that equation.

If your relationship progresses towards a permanent commitment, you have probably already started doing your research about the kind of ring you want. Everyone has different tastes and styles, so your ring will be a reflection of the true you. The hard part comes when you want to communicate your preferences to your partner without being too forward.

Your partner may want your engagement to be a surprise, or you may not want to be presumptuous about mentioning a ring to your partner. Letting your partner know what style of ring you like can be a a delicate balance. 

The critical thing to remember in any relationship is that a ring is just a ring. Even if you don’t end up with the ring that you have always imagined, your marriage is not about the size or style of a piece of jewelry on your hand. Keep in mind that the commitment that you are making is the real beauty of your union. 

When you feel like the time may be getting close for your partner to pop the question and present you with one of the custom-made engagement rings of your dreams, it’s time to start making a plan. Let’s look at a few hints that you can drop to your partner about the engagement ring of your dreams.

Comment On Others

One of the best opportunities to innocently state your preference for a ring is to comment on others. If you have a friend or family member that has recently become engaged and is showing off their ring, you have the opportunity to make some waves. Talk to your partner about your opinion of someone else’s ring. Let them know if you like the style and size, or take the chance to tell them how that ring differs from a ring that you would prefer.

Casual Screenshots

There are thousands of online websites that are dedicated to celebrities and weddings. Although sharing too many screenshots of weddings may be over the top, there is a way to get your point across using online resources. When you are scrolling through an entertainment website, and there are photos of the latest stars that have been engaged, it may open the door for a quick conversation. Taking a screenshot of a celebrity ring and making an innocent comment about it could help your partner get an idea of your tastes and style.

Mall Browsing 

Every mall in the country has at least one jewelry store. The next time you and your partner make a trip to the mall to run errands or do some window shopping, take a few minutes to stop by one of the jewelry stores. You don’t need to go in and make things obvious; just a quick stop to look at the outside displays can give you the right moment to make your move. Point out some of the pieces that you love and make your way towards the ring display. Choose a subtle way to point out the rings that catch your eye, and then move on. Your partner will hopefully note your message.

Shop Together

The most obvious way to let your partner know what kind of engagement ring would make your dreams come true is to just tell them. Communication should be the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. If you feel like you may be getting close to committing, there is nothing wrong with being direct. You can show some engagement rings on Keyzarjewelry website to help your partner imagine exactly what you dream about. You can let your partner know that there is no pressure to take action, but if they were to ring shopping in the future, you have something specific in mind. 

Call In Your Friends

If you just aren’t sure how to lay down enough hints to your partner about the type of engagement ring you want, it may be time to bring in your friends. Your colleagues, or family, or even your group of girlfriends can help you get the message across to your partner discretely.

When your relationship is nearing the time when a commitment is in the near future, it can be an exciting time. Follow these tips to help you drop some hints to help your partner find the ring that will symbolize the importance of your relationship.