5 Ways To Practice The Art Of Supporting And Celebrating Other Women

By Chelsy Ranard

Being conscious of social issues and working to create change as a result of that knowledge isn’t something that people are born with. It takes work to be woke and make changes in your life as a result of that new sense of awareness. When it comes to women’s issues, supporting and celebrating other women is an art form that requires attention and work no matter which gender you identify with. Fortunately, there are so many ways to practice the art of supporting and celebrating other women.

Whether you are consuming something created by a woman, learning about women’s history, speaking up on behalf of women, supporting women whose experiences you don’t relate to, or saying something positive to the women you know, you are practicing this art. It’s not always something that comes naturally, but in time the art of supporting and celebrating women will happen organically. And hopefully, others will learn by your example.

Consume Things Created by Women
Consuming things created by women is about supporting businesses run by women and celebrating their achievements. This means going to local businesses run by women, watching movies created by female directors, watching female sports, reading books written by women, listening to music created by women and supporting female artists in all respects. Because so many businesses are dominated by men, it takes a concerted effort to go out and purposefully become a consumer that benefits other women.

Every time you take the time to consume something created by women, whether that be media created by women, or purchasing something from a female-run business, you’re making a change that supports women. There are many big businesses that are run by women that you may not know about, but others may take some research. Either way, more people consuming more things created by women creates positive change in supporting women in many different careers.

Learn About Women’s History
Throughout history there are so many examples of amazing women that you may never have heard about. Unfortunately, much of history is written in its time, and there was a lot of time where women had very few rights or acknowledgements for the things they did. Especially if those things were “unladylike,” masculine, or rebellious. For this reason, it’s helpful to make the effort to seek out these women and learn their stories. You might choose to read an autobiography about one of the military women who have made history. You may choose to write a paper about a female explorer instead of one of the many famous male explorers.

Women like Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, and Rosie the Riveter are a few faces of female empowerment in history. The more women we learn about, support, and celebrate, the more faces women and young girls can see throughout history to feel inspired. It’s important to acknowledge the achievements of women — both current and throughout history.

Speak Up for Other Women
One way to support other women, regardless of your gender, is to speak up for them. What this looks like in each situation and for each person is different, but the core of the support is the same. This is about using your voice to make change for women. Feminism has many different facets; one of them is not only about treating women with respect, but also being sure you’re not complicit in situations that are inappropriate. Speaking up for women in this way can do a lot for one woman but also an entire culture of behavior. If you don’t allow these things to happen around you without repercussions, you’re making a big statement.

Another view of this aspect in supporting and celebrating other women is in terms of voting. It’s about voting for women in political positions, making your voice heard for women’s issues, and understanding the gravity of these views even if they don’t apply to you directly. Speaking up for women isn’t just about saying something when you see something wrong happening, it’s also about using your voice to vote for women’s issues.

Support Women Who Are Different Than You
The art of supporting and celebrating other women isn’t just about women; it’s about making the effort to celebrate women you don’t relate to. It’s about taking the time to learn and appreciate the experiences of other women across the globe. Take the time to learn about women of a different race, body type, LGBT status, citizenship, economic standing, religious preference, party affiliate, or with a disability. Through this support, you’ll learn that just because an issue doesn’t affect you directly, it doesn’t mean it’s not an issue worth fighting for. Understanding your privilege and how each of these separate factors change your experience as a woman will help others to learn how to support and celebrate women who are different than they are.

A heightened awareness of causes and social issues you haven’t experienced shape many of the large movements that have happened throughout history. It’s not easy to open your mind to the experiences of others and make decisions that benefit them. Having that awareness is a gift. However, it takes a conscious effort to seek out that information if it’s not right in front of you. This is why intersectional feminism is so important. This is why supporting and celebrating people you don’t relate to is so important.

Say Something Positive to the Women in Your Life
How women interact with each other has a lot to do with what they’ve been taught and how society expects women to interact. For many women, there’s a combative atmosphere to how women treat other women. Phrases like, “I’m not like other girls,” or, “I don’t get along well with girls,” are problematic and create a competitive nature among women. In many settings, women are limited. One female friend, one female colleague, one female artist — so the competition rises. Since females learn this behavior, it’s important to unlearn this behavior.

One way to do this is to say something positive to the women in your life. Make a conscious effort not to make comparisons, judge, or make assumptions about other women. It’s important to understand the dangers of a negative body image and the correlation between eating disorders and substance abuse as a result of an environment that puts so much weight on what a woman looks like. This means focusing on compliments that aren’t only about her looks but about her achievements. Practice the art of supporting and celebrating other women by changing the attitude that society expects women to have for each other.

Change doesn’t always come naturally. Oftentimes, change requires deliberate decisions. When you’re buying a book, buy one written by a woman of a different race. That may not be your first instinct, but it’s okay to decide to go out of your way to make that change. When you start to feel jealous of another woman, take a step back and remind yourself that these feelings are largely based on societal pressures. Pressures this other woman probably feels as well. Instead, tell her that you admire her charisma.

The art of supporting and celebrating other women might not come naturally, but it’s a sense of awareness that changes your behavior. In reality, women are amazing, and it’s a positive change to take steps in supporting them more often. Sometimes just one small change can inspire others to do the same.




Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. She is passionate about feminism, is a shark enthusiast, and can be found playing Frisbee with her dog, Titan. Follow her on Twitter.


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