5 Ways To Stay Healthy In College

The age considered to be the prime of life is debatable. It regards not only your physical health but your mental health and sexual life as well. In short, we could say that the prime of one’s life has to do with a peak in overall health. Is it possible to be at the peak of your health during stressful college years? 

Yes, it is. But unfortunately, college students in special seem to have the odds against them in this area. With all the lectures, studying, partying, and maybe a part-time job crammed in between, a healthy life isn’t always an option. Trouble is, they need their health in top shape to do all of those things.

If you’re a college student, staying healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Take a look at these five tips you can incorporate into your busy college routine. 

Exercise The Way You Can

Although that would be ideal, you don’t necessarily need a gym subscription to get your daily exercise in check. Even your quick walks to the cafeteria have awesome benefits for both your physical and mental health. Why? Aside from preventing many health conditions, they improve your mood on the way there.

Does a 5 to 10-minute walk count as exercise? You bet. 

Make Quick And Healthy Meals

Your on-the-go snack doesn’t have to be sloppy. On the contrary, savory and healthy meals can be super easy to make, and they’re way better for you than sugary cereals or chips.

For starters, who doesn’t love fruit smoothies? Throw everything in there, add some yogurt or water, and voilà, you can take it with you anywhere. To make your smoothies healthier and more nutritious, add some bone broth protein powder to them—it contains quality protein and collagen from whole food sources. 

Another tip for when you’re on the run is to keep ready meals in your mini-fridge, like whole-grain bread sandwiches, veggie salads, and chopped fruit. 

Take It Easy On The All-Nighters

It’s hard to get enough sleep when you party too hard and have an important exam the next day. Or maybe you just have a lot on your plate at the moment. 

Either way, sometimes you’ll need to pull all-nighters to study for a final, and that’s okay as long as you don’t make it a habit. You can try, but excessive lack of sleep will bombard you with headaches, poor thinking skills, and a weak immune system, to name a few effects. Those won’t help you in the long term. 

The underlying problem here is cramming. The solution? Building a schedule that fits all of your scholarly needs. For instance, the number of classes you take and even the distance between them on campus can be a waste of time depending on your routine. Creating a schedule you can follow will help you use your time wisely. 

Drink That H2O

Among energy drinks and a lot of coffee, it’s easy to forget the most important drink of all. Just a reminder that those energy drinks that keep you up are mostly sugar, which you might have heard isn’t good at all in excessive amounts. 

Only water can flush toxins out of your body, regulate your temperature, among other health benefits. Wherever you go, have a bottle handy. 

Get Yourself Insured

Take a few minutes off your hectic day to start thinking of insurance plans. After all, getting health insurance will always be one of the best ways of looking after your health without spending too much money. Short term health insurance for college students is even better, considering its low premiums that fit a student’s budget and its beneficial coverage possibilities. 

As with any new habit, healthy habits are hard to stick to. But think of it this way: you need to be productive regardless of how you feel, so you better be feeling well. Don’t worry—following the above tips will make sure you pass those exams without compromising your immune system.

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