7 Bombshell Long Layered Haircuts We Can’t Get Enough Of

Hair can mean something special to us, and it is not always easy to get the right hairstyle we want. For those women with long and straight hair, incorporating layers in your hair can have a significant impact. Layers not only maintain the length of your hair, but they also boost the volume of your fine hair. This effect can only be realized by choosing long layered haircuts. Layered haircuts give you an opportunity to enhance the volume of your hair and still leave enough length to play with.

Layers are also crucial in reducing weight in your hair which is the best feature for women with thicker hair. They can be incorporated in both straight and curly hair, and we have compiled some styles here for you. These seven eye-appealing layered haircuts would be a great inspiration during your next hairstyling. Take a look:

1.Long, Layered Blonde Hair.

If you want to boost movement and volume in your hair, layers are the best thing to opt for. Including them on the long, blonded layered haircut makes your style voluminous and stunning. This is a versatile haircut that allows you to style your manes down or up. The direction you choose to wear style them is entirely upon you, but whatever you decide, layers will always appear formidable. 

2.Windswept Layers.

Come up with sexy feel with these windswept layers. They are a great addition to your long hair. They will reveal your inner goddess, and they will make you feel as though there is a blowing machine in front of you creating your beautiful hair. It is suitable for both thick and thin hair. Windswept layers come up with a polished and refined haircut, so go dear and embrace your layers.

3.Curly, Highlighted Layers.

Many women with natural curls rock layered haircuts. So, no one should lie to you that layers can only be worn by those with long straight hair. That is far from the truth.  The layers added create beautiful curly layers and bring out your curly hair even more stunningly. By incorporating highlights to this mix, the layers will be the focal viewpoint and will really shine like diamonds. Maintain the hair around the crown darker shade for a cute contrast and leave the highlights to do all the talking.

4.Layered Hairstyle for Brunettes.

Hello, brunettes, here is one of the best stylish haircuts you should keep your eye on this year. You can opt to dye your hair brown which is with no doubt one of the best hues for extended hair and layers. The front layers are essential for framing the face, and the back is styled especially to look stunning from any angle. If you opt for this haircut, maintain your locks looking glossy and health by the use of conditioner and hair color treatment.

5.Layers and Blonde Ombre.

This is a perfect combo you can have for your hairstyle. The blend of ombre highlights and blonde are a dream come true for most fashionistas. The blonde highlights are a great way to reveal your layers and match your haircut. This cut appears fascinating down, and also still stunning if tied back with an elastic band. The highlights give it a unique appeal.

6.Choppy Layers.

If your hair is fine or thick, you can choose to incorporate layers to improve the dimension and volume of your layered haircut instantly. This technique leaves your tresses looking refined and healthy. Choppy layers give your manes beautiful views from any angle. This is among the popular layered haircuts to have at the moment since it reveals an edgy and stylish vibe.

7.Face Framing Layers.

When you have been rocking long hair for a while, you reach a point when it becomes boring. However, at this point you shouldn’t chop it, just add face-framing layers, and you will change it from being boring to lovely. It highlights your face beautifully, and your long hair feels fresh again. 

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