7 Survival Tips For Women In Tech

It’s 2019. We’re so over the idea that “men and women are not equal”. We belong to the generation of equal-minded people who believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of their status, most importantly, their gender.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case when we talk about the workforce. And while more and more women are entering the labor force (57% to be exact), it is shocking to know that women only make up 26% of the tech industry. Worldwide, women account for less than 20% of tech leadership roles. 

The biggest question is WHY? 

Blame it on the fact that very few women pursue math and science-related courses in college, which results in lack of talent pool. Add the so-called in-group favoritism wherein hiring managers tend to recruit those who they find culturally similar to themselves.

If you are one of the chosen few, you might find yourself feeling “left out” at times. As we all know, gender parity benefits all companies particularly those in the tech field where creativity and innovation are indispensable. So before you find yourself thinking about quitting your job and changing careers, here are some tested survival tips for women in tech:

Be confident about your skills and experience.

You might feel intimidated in a workforce full of men but you shouldn’t. They key is to have confidence in your skills and believe that you are capable of doing great things. Many employees experience the “impostor syndrome” wherein they doubt their accomplishments. You are chosen for that job not only because you are qualified, but because you deserve it.

It’s okay to say “No”.

Taking more work than you can handle is detrimental to your physical and mental health. If you feel like you are given tasks that someone else is supposed to do, don’t be afraid to say NO or suggest others to share the task with you. Learn to stand up for yourself.

Speak your mind.

Do you have a better idea or a solution to a problem? Go ahead and share it. Do you notice something wrong with how things are done in the office? Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Just because you are in a room dominated by the opposite gender doesn’t mean you no longer have the right to be heard.

Learn how to survive financially.

The state of your finances can affect many aspects of your life, including your emotional well-being. According to research, men were offered higher salaries than women in the tech industry 63% of the time. Additionally, companies were offering female applicants 45% less than their offer to male applicants. And even worse, women in tech tend to undervalue their worth, asking for less pay 66% of the time. Because of this dwindling situation, it is highly important to learn how to survive financially. Create and follow a budget, save more, and invest. Emergencies are inevitable. It’s always good to be financially prepared. In case your savings may not be enough, there are self-employed payday loans online for emergency costs.

Get the support you need.

You might be the only ‘girl’ in the office but you’re definitely not the only woman in the tech industry. When you feel like you’re ‘alone’ in this business, the best thing to do is to rack up your support system. Connect with other women in your industry. It’s easier now with social media. 


Make time for yourself. There will certainly be “bad days” and it’s true whether you are in a male-dominated industry or not. Never forget to take time off no matter how busy your schedule is. Life in the tech field is not easy. You deal with different problems that require a lot of creativity. Whatever you wish to spend your time off – having a lunch date with friends or binge-watching on Netflix – what is important is you get to divert your mind off work and do nothing but chill.

Look for the right company.

You should look for the right company not just because you seek career growth but also because you want to work in an environment where respect and freedom to be who you are part of the culture. Be vigilant when choosing the company to work with. Look for red flags of inequality, disrespect to diversity, and sexual harassment.

Everyone – male or female – deserves a fulfilling career in the tech industry. Hopefully, these survival tips should keep you going especially during the bad days.  When you feel like your work environment is no longer healthy, that it’s causing you more stress than happiness – don’t be afraid to quit. There will always be a better company out there that is happy to have you and will appreciate your skills. When work is already putting your mental health at risk, don’t be afraid to say goodbye.

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  1. An interesting article, and I fully agree with you, although I am indirectly connected with IT, but still at my work men do not take me seriously and even tried to shift their responsibilities to me when I did not understand what was happening. But over time, these problems went away by themselves, because I had gained experience from different areas and now I myself distribute advice on the right and on the left! So dear girls, never stand in front of the first obstacle, always go to the end and do not pay attention to what other people say to you, this is your life and only you need to decide what to do with it!

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