8 High Tech Hair Gadgets For Your Bathroom

The bathroom can sometimes feel like the only sanctuary in your home, offering peace and a healthy dose of self-care, all right in your comfort zone. Aside from its regular daily functions for us all, the bathroom can actually be a place where you can enjoy yourself without the rushing around. You can turn it into your own at-home spa with a few simple upgrades, and get that shiny, beautiful mane without stepping foot into a salon. Here are a few fun and mostly affordable gadgets to turn your bathroom from drab and ho-hum to your favorite space at home. 

Here is a list of 8 must have high-tech hair gadgets necessary for every bathroom:

Musical shower heads

Yes, you read that right. There are now cool tech options for your home that combine the best of both worlds; a showerhead, with excellent water pressure, and a bluetooth speaker so that you can sing along to your favorite songs. Singing in the shower is one of the best ways to start your day and, having it in the form of a shiny new showerhead marries form and function beautifully. 

Hair dryer holder

Blow drying your hair after showering can be a pain and puts a lot of strain on your arms. Stress less about this task by investing in a hands-free blow dryer mount which allows you to attach your blow dryer to virtually any surface – an added bonus if you have an especially small space – and style your hair with both hands without the usual shoulder cramp. A really good holder will have a neck that fully rotates to allow you to tackle your hair from any angle. 

Hot rollers

Not exactly high tech, but this oldie-yet-goodie tool will give you beautiful, bouncy waves in a jiffy. Keep a set on hand in your bathroom so you can roll up your hair and leave the curls to set as you brush your teeth and put on your makeup – that’s exactly how much time it takes for these tools to work wonders on your hair, immediately freshening up their style.

Hot air brush

If you have even less time and need to be in and out of the shower and on your way to work in just a few minutes, a hot air brush is the tool for you. This powerful tool combines detangling, blow drying, and a savvy styling tool all in one. It adds volume and body to your hair as it dries and heats up in just fifteen seconds, saving you tons of time. 

Shampoo brush

A massaging shampoo brush is an easy way to instantly transform your shower into a more luxurious spa-like experience. It increases blood flow to the scalp, helps promote hair growth, and ensures your hair is sparkly clean by really getting the shampoo suds in there. 

Self-cleaning hair brush

This crazy sounding tool is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you actually got one. The brush’s bristles retract, which means you can get rid of any accumulated hair in the brush every time, keeping it super clean. A good self-cleaning brush will be durable and water-resistant, so you can use it to detangle wet or dry hair smoothly and efficiently.

The curly hair tool

Crazy looking attachments for hair dryers have been around for a few years, but did you think of investing in a specialized one for curly hair? If you have a proud mane of curls that you don’t know how to tame, you should consider buying a diffuser that allows you to use complete airflow to dry hair from the inside-out for gorgeous, bouncy curls with added volume. This handy tool helps add definition and lift without frizz. 

Hair dryer bonnet

If you have some extra room in your bathroom and don’t mind trying out a few funny looking gadgets that get the job done, a soft-hood bonnet attachment that connects to your hair dryer might just be the thing for you. The hood looks like an inflatable balloon and it fits over your styling tools perfectly. You can also use it with a deep conditioning treatment for extra effectiveness.

Technology has come a long way to make our lives that much more convenient. With these gadgets, you’re sure to lock in a measure of time-saving techniques with excellent hair care that won’t break the bank. No matter how tiny or seemingly inefficient your bathroom looks now, a few of these tools will liven things up for you.

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