A Clothing Line Dedicated To Being Woman Forward, Not Fashion Forward

Thanks to social media giving ordinary people a much more powerful voice than ever before, big industries are being turned on their head by the thoughts and suggestions of everyday citizens. The fashion industry is definitely one industry that is set to be changed forever with major brands utilizing social media to find out what their consumers want to see (Diesel) and others even casting normal women instead of super skinny models to showcase their wares for the actual people who will buy it.

Ecommerce sites have changed the game in the digital era, runway shows at fashion week are upping the ante by creating stunts which spark conversations on body image, and major celebrities like Naomi Campbell are speaking out because they too want to see change.

Because the big brands have been affected, it has opened up the floodgates for emerging labels to get in on the action and show that they don’t have to try and live up to some narrow idealized standard in order to be a likeable or popular brand. A label that has caught our eye recently is SmartGlamour, started by model Mallorie Carrington.


They have really taken the “everyday woman” mantle seriously and injected this into each aspect of the brand, from the casting to the message behind the clothes. Every piece of clothing is handmade in New York, and ranges in sizes from XXS to 3X. They promote body positivity and overall wellness for women, as well as helping them look good in the clothes they purchase.

The lookbook for their Spring collection proves their ethos is something they take seriously.

“I used models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicity – and there is no retouching on any girl,” said Mallorie. “We will never use airbrushing to edit our girls or our clothing.”


While the photos may not look like the heavily airbrushed and edited images you see gracing the pages of publications such as Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, what Mallorie is creating has a much more far reaching ambition than a lot of established labels, which is why we are so into SmartGlamour!

“I have ladies of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicity, and style. This is to demonstrate the versatility of my clothing line – but more importantly to enforce a more positive image in the media and spread more diversity,” says Mallorie. The pictures featured in this post show how one garment from the line can fit all types of bodies.

“I think it is incredibly important to try to change the face of modeling and fashion – and that in order to do that whole heartedly – the products being advertised must speak to that as well.”


She did a casting call on social media, another unusual aspect of the label, and says SmartGlamour is focused on being “woman forward” not fashion forward. Waving a banner like this is a surefire way of saying they are against all the negative things that have come out of the traditional fashion industry, and are setting themselves apart as a brand willing to be different.

Buying a “woman forward” item of clothing goes a long way to showing the wearer that their body is important, and that they aren’t just a numbered consumer in a sea of millions. That each item was tailor made especially for them to look, feel and act beautiful. After all, isn’t that what fashion should be doing?


“Using fashion, we empower women and give them the power to control their clothes and through them – their emotional response to clothes and shopping. We are breaking down the negative stigmas attached to fashion and promoting positivity and women supporting other women,” says Mallorie.

To find out more about SmartGlamour and what they stand for, check out their website here. Take a look at the runway show from February 2014 where SmartGlamour was launched in New York.



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