A Guide To Gourmet Office Catering In Philadelphia

Offices are busy places with meetings, work, and a lot of activities going on. But even in the midst of these busy schedules, office workers have to settle down and have a meal.

Obviously, good quality services are required here. And in Philadelphia, the best option is to work with a caterer who has experience in providing these services to corporate clients, whether it be executive lunches, boardroom meetings, or even office parties.

Being in the hands of the wrong corporate caterer can obviously make mealtimes a chore for the staff and even bring down their morale and productivity.

So, how do you go about getting a good corporate caterer? Here are some ideas.

1. The Caterer’s Experience

There is usually no substitute for experience in the catering industry. This is therefore one of the main factors to consider when evaluating caterers. If a caterer has a good reputation in the industry, it is very likely that you will get the same level of services as well. Ways of learning about a caterer’s experience include getting referrals from other clients.

2. A Friendly and Efficient Caterer

A corporate caterer typically deals with people who are very busy doing other things. So, they should not expect a lot of follow up in order to deliver their services. So, a great caterer should be easy to deal with, and not require a lot of supervision to deliver quality services.

Great caterers in this category within Philadelphia will make everything smooth and easy for you, so that you are not bogged down by decisions like menu selections in addition to other corporate concerns. Great corporate caterers understand that their clients do not have the time to do follow ups on the services they provide.

Therefore, they naturally go over and beyond to make their services especially accommodating and effective to keep their clients happy. Therefore, you should not settle for any less.

3. Consider the Menu

The caterer should have diverse menu that covers the basics of what you need in a corporate setting and more. For instance, a great menu should have a good selection of healthy meals as well as nice combos to go with these meals.

Fortunately, there are great corporate caterers today that can offer these services. For instance, some forms of office catering in Philadelphia come with imaginative and exciting twists to classic foods that will keep all types of office workers excited about their mealtimes.

4. The Ingredients the Caterer Uses

A perfect meal takes more than cooking skills – the ingredients matter as well. Basically, you should use a caterer that uses high quality and natural ingredients as opposed to a caterer that uses unhealthy ingredients that might put the health of the staff at risk.

5. Customer Service

Even with good food, poor quality services from a caterer would make it worth considering other options at your disposal as you look for a corporate caterer. Your caterer should give you the first priority. The meal deliveries should be timely, and request for any changes to the level of service should be taken with seriousness and urgency.

Even when your desires as regards a corporate caterer are quite diverse, you should still get a company that is interested in what you want as a client, even when those needs keeps evolving. You should not stick to boring menus as a trade off for high quality services.

6. The Company Should Seasonal Food Changes

Ideally, a good office catering company is worth sticking with for several seasons. But while it might have great meals for a certain season, it should be versatile enough to offer some diet changes based on how the seasons are changing. Even great meals can get boring and bland after being served up one week after another. So, it is important to get a caterer that can keep changing things up based on season to keep the menu selection exciting for all people.


You should be careful not to get stuck with the wrong corporate caterer. In Philadelphia, you actually have no excuse to end up in the hands of a substandard caterer. There are great caterers in this locale, and above is how you go about getting the best of them offer their gourmet office catering to your in Philadelphia.

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  1. Some great talking points here! I especially love offering custom scratch corporate menu ideas for corporate and social clients – every event is different.

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