Acid Attack Survivor Becomes The New Face of M&S With Oscar Winner Helen Mirren

Katie Piper

Back in 2008, UK model and TV presenter Katie Piper became the victim of a devastating acid attack by the hands of her own boyfriend, who was later imprisoned. The story received international media coverage and katie’s survival story has inspired countless other women, and especially other acid attack victims.

Since her slow but successful recovery and surgeries she has grown into a strong, inspirational young woman who is now using her experience as a way to help others. Music and TV mogul Simon Cowell was so touched by her story he became a patron of the Katie Piper Fundation, pledging to raise funds for the charity and bring recognition to this horrendous crime that continues to happen around the world.

After all the positive media attention, including a series on Channel 4 called ‘My Beautiful Friends‘ about other acid attack victims, it seems she has become an unintentional hero and patron for survivors everywhere. The surgeon who performed extensive surgery on her scarred face was Dr. Mohammad Ali Jawad who was the focus of the Oscar-winning documentary ‘Saving Face’.

Things have certainly taken a different direction in her life, as she is now tipped to be the new face of massive clothing chain Marks and Spencer in the UK. Katie was spied shooting with Oscar-winner Dame Helen Mirren in London last week, but there is no official word from M&S just yet. However, it seems it is only a matter of time before they make an announcement, as famed photographer Annie Leibowitz was also spied shooting the yet-to-be-released campaign.

Marks and Spencer_katie Piper Marks and Spencer_Katie Piper


Stories like this make us tingle with excitement to know there are brave strong young women out in the world who refuse to be victims, but instead inspire those around them. Teenage cancer patient (we don’t want to call her a ‘sufferer’ because she refuses to act out of pity) and viral youtube makeup tutorial sensation Talia Joy Castellano is another young girl who has taken a horrible situation, and used it to spread a message of positivity and show the immense power of the human spirit. She got the attention of Ellen Degeneres who featured Talia on her show, and because of her contract with Covergirl, she was able to have the makeup company name Talia an honorary Covergirl because of her amazing story.

In anticipation of the gorgeous Katie Piper being announced as the new face of Marks and Spencer, alongside Helen Mirren, we want to honor this inspirational lady for sharing her story and allowing other survivors to feel accepted and beautiful again. The work you are doing Katie is so important, and it is clear your situation has only made you a bigger force to be reckoned with. They say the best revenge is success…

Check out a snippet of her 4 part-series below.


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