Actress & Eco Champion Emma Watson: “I Don’t Compromise!”

Emma Watson Eco Challenge

She is a young actress who represents the type of role model desperately needed for a whole generation of girls who unfortunately only see Kim Kardashian, Snookie, Lindsay Lohan and the Amanda Bynes as hailed by the media in some way. Why is class, elegance, having your head screwed on right and maintaining public dignity so boring or not newsworthy?

Well we claim it is, and is the very reason GTHQ exists! To promote all the positive role models, and what makes them noteworthy.

Emma Watson is one who we definitely dearly love, as she has spoken in the past about her public image. She wants more to do with inner qualities and depth, rather than trying to be sexy, as sadly so many young women think is the be all and end all of “success” in life.

The Bling Ring actress was spoke to net-a-porter about her new fashion project, promoting sustainable clothing and why it is important. She was chosen to be the face of a new “eco challenge” spear-headed by actor Colin Firth’s wife, Livia Firth who is the creative director of Eco Age. It is an initiative which aims to help big brands and companies balance aesthetics with ethics, showing them the greater impact of the daily choices that they make within their companies.

Emma Watson_Victoria Beckham

The Eco Challenge was set as a way to help fashion brands become aware of and learn about how to maintain the highest level quality with minimal impact on the environment, ensuring creators, buyers and consumers are making green choices even in a world like fashion!

The Green Carpet Challenge was started in 2009, and most recently, Livia Firth approached 5 big designers to create sustainable produced gowns for the challenge, and chose Eco champion Watson to be their face.

It’s really inspiring to see a beautiful, talented and successful young woman put her energy toward something positive, combining her love of fashion and being a champion for the environment. The 23 year old Harry Potter star tells Net-a-porter she “doesn’t do anything by halves” which is a good reason why she always looks so classy on the red carpet, and only chooses work that she is passionate about.

“If I’m going to put my name on it, I want it to be something I love.” she says. What a fantastic reason she said yes to the eco challenge. When Livia first approached her to be the face of the challenge, she immediately said yes.

“I was like, ‘No one’s doing anything like this!’ It’s so exciting.”

Emma Watson_Erdem

One of the 5 designers was Erdem who said this about the project: “Sustainable fashion is both beautiful and important.”

Popular Celebrity label and designer Roland Mouret who is excited to be part of the challenge says the onus goes beyond just the fashion industry when it comes to taking care of the planet. “We all have a responsibility for the future…ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand.”

Emma studied Fair Strade as one of her subjects at the University of Rhode Island and is clearly dedicated to using her career for this cause also. For a girl who has literally already spent half her life on the red carpet (she made the first installment of Harry Potter when she was 11) she says it was hard to find fashion that was ethically sourced, and that this project couldn’t have come about sooner.

“Livia’s created a lobbying body to put pressure on governments and corporations to encourage them to have [ethical responsibility] as their baseline. It’s quite awesome.”

Everyone’s favorite Spice Girl-turned celebrity fashion designer Victoria Beckham has relished the opportunity to use eco-friendly fabrics and incorporate them into her highly sought-after collections. “I really feel that it is an issue that we all as designers are more and more aware of.”

Emma Watson_Roland Mouret

Watson also has had her hand in the green fashion industry, working with Fair Trade brand ‘People Tree’ in 2010 creating three collections, as well as designing a sustainably produced capsule collection for Alberta Feretti, Pure Threads in 2011.

“Maybe there would be fewer problems if we were really conscious of where and how things were made,” Watson says thoughtfully. “We don’t support slave labor in [the UK], so we shouldn’t support those conditions in other countries. I can’t wrap my head around why ethical clothing is a specialty and not a base standard.”

Designer Christopher Bailey, part of the Eco Challenge says “We didn’t set out to create ‘green’ dresses, but rather to produce something responsibly that explores sustainability.” He is hoping the positive aspect of what these designers are doing together will represent a brighter future for fashion.

Emma Watson_Christopher Bailey_Burberry

Eco Challenge participant Christopher Kane expresses his involvement as being a necessity. “It is important for designers to be aware of what they can do to make a difference. Sustainable fashion doesn’t need to be boring. The GCC proves it can be glamorous”

Emma goes on to tell the online mag how as a young lady growing up in the spotlight she has become very aware of how people see her and that it creates a sense of responsibility when it comes to her disposition.

“It’s nerve-wracking. People really scrutinize” she says of the way paparazzi are dying to catch a good ol’ nip-slip, or another faux pas. But while she is happy to dress to the nine’s on the carpets in tight dresses and painful shoes, away from the Hollywood glare its all about comfort. “I don’t compromise like that in my everyday style.”

We like her choice of words, because it holds such weight. When you are passionate about something, there shouldn’t be room for compromise. Well done Emma, Livia and the team behind The Eco Challenge for creating something that is much needed in the fashion industry, without compromising on style or trends.

Looks like they just found a way to have their cake and eat it too!



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