Actress Julia Louis Dreyfus Makes Emmy History!


It is a great time for women in entertainment to be in Television! While we are still finding our equal feet amongst men both in front of the camera and behind, we are certainly making great strides.

Kerry Washington being a black female lead actress in the ABC drama ‘Scandal’ has been a huge opportunity for women of color to be inspired and empowered to pursue lead roles and know there are others who have made it possible.

Actress Julia Louis Dreyfus, best known for her roles on Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine, and now Veep, have pretty much made her a TV institution thanks to her ongoing and successful career playing lead roles. But now she has two new reasons to be celebrated.

1: She is the only actor or actress to win lead or supporting comedy acting Emmys for three different shows.

2: On Thursday July 18th when the Emmy Nominations were announced, Julia made Emmy history when she received her 14th Emmy nomination in the category of outstanding lead actress in a comedy series, surpassing the record long-held by I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball.


Go Julia! So great to see a leading actress on TV still making her make and capitalizing on her success even today, in a time when society shuns older women and casts them aside in some instances.

Another area proving to be a huge step in the right direction for women behind the scenes is directing. For the third time in Primetime Emmy history, a main-draw directing award has a female-majority nominee field. In this year’s Outstanding Direction For a Comedy Series category, Lena Dunham received a directing nod for Girls‘ “On All Fours,” Gail Mancuso was nominated for Modern Family‘s “Arrested,” and Beth McCarthy-Miller was nominated for 30 Rock‘s “Hogcock! / Last Lunch.”

While this is exciting news, The Atlantic say we still have a long way to go to reach gender parity in the arts. “Women working behind the camera are still a rarity in film and in television; the fact still remains that only four women have ever been nominated for a Best Director Oscar, and only one has ever taken home the award (Kathryn Bigelow, in 2010). Still, it’s still refreshing to note that in this year alone, eight women are up for Primetime Emmys for their behind-the-camera work”

Girls cast

The evolution of Julia’s career, which started by her being plucked out of college to work on Saturday Night Live as a performer and writer, shows that hard work and dedication goes a long way, even when it is not easy to do. “It was pretty hard back then for women on that show when I was on it,” she tells Variety. But 25 years later, 3 massive leading roles on popular TV shows, and she hasn’t been out of work since.

This is the time to be supporting women in television, and using these great examples as fuel for our own dreams. These are the TV revolutionists, in essence, who have proven the rules and boundaries don’t mean a thing when you have something great to offer. Bravo to all the talented women and girls who are taking the leap and showing networks and studios that we are here to stay, and not just to play “the pretty sidekick”.

Are you excited about the female domination on TV? Will you be watching the Emmy’s later this year to see if Julia or any of the females in the Directing categories will take home the prize?



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