Actress Julianne Moore Says Screw Botox, It Is A Privilege To Age Naturally!


Why are we as women so damn scared of getting a few wrinkles, a bit of cellulite, and not being a size zero? Are we really that naive to think we have to fit into some narrow definition of what “success” and “beauty” is supposed to look like according to many campaigns in the fashion and advertising world which tell us we better buy what they’re selling, or we’ll be doomed?

The answer is no, we sure as hell shouldn’t be, because we are all created unique for a reason, and we all grow old for a reason. No matter how many lotions, potions, surgeries, procedures and methods we use, there is nothing that can reverse that process. One actress who firmly believes in the aging process is red-headed hottie Julianne Moore.

She got all glammed up for a photo shoot with Net-A-Porter’s magazine The Edit, and talked about movies, motherhood and being a style icon. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Julianne is also a children’s book author. We have no idea how she fits another job in with her already busy family and work schedule!

After talking about her busy 2013 writing books, appearing in various film and TV projects, the mother of two spoke about her views on beauty, and aging in Hollywood, yes you know, that taboo subject!

At the age of 53 she has publicly spoken about her dislike of plastic surgery and botox and vows she will never get either of those done to herself. Julianne thinks it is a “privilege to be able to age” and since we live in a society where almost everything is designed to make us hate growing old, it kinda is a rare thing to embrace, but definitely a good thing.

“I’d like to think that I can age as naturally as possible. I don’t want to come out condemning anything anybody does, because I think that all of these things can contribute to making people feel better about themselves, and that’s great.”


While she is quick to point out that each person has their own preference as to what they choose to inflict upon their own body, she is very clear about her own choice and why it matters.

I also want to look like myself. I mean, we’re not going to live forever. You could be dead at 45, and guess what? Then you don’t have to worry about aging,” she added with some humor.

“I feel like I’d like to be 90. I’d like to be 100. I may not be lucky enough to have that happen. But, boy, I’m going to try.”

What a rare treat to hear one of Hollywood’ hottest actresses (and by hottest we don’t just mean physically, we mean in light of her achievements) promote aging naturally, and embracing your body the way it is. We hope her words will inspire all of us not to worry about small superficial things. Sure, we should take care of our physical appearances, our body is our “temple” after all.

But aging shouldn’t be seen as something bad. It’s part of our journey in life, and also a crucial part of our transformation. Let’s treat it like the privilege that it is!

Julianne will be starring in the next two installment of The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2, out in 2014 and 2015 respectively.



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