Actress Kathleen Rose Perkins Says Feminism Makes Her An Ally To Other Women


Now that the feminist awards, WE MEAN, Golden Globe Awards are over for another year, there is a certain tone that has been set by Hollywood and we are liking it!

Many news media outlets were touting 2014 as the year when feminism became trendy for the millennial generation with so many celebrities (both male and female) openly claiming their affinity for the movement. Feminism has even leaked its way into advertising (often referred to these days as “femvertising”), sports and even the STEM sectors.

Needless to say it has never been a better time to gun for equality, no matter where you live, work, operate or dance. Yes, we said dance because sometimes women like to lead on the dance floor and dammit nobody puts baby in a corner!

As for that whole celebrity-declaring-themself-a-feminist thing, you’ll never see us complaining about it because nine and a half times out of ten, the ones who are happy to talk about it publicly fully understand what feminism is about. It is the people who diss the movement who seem to have a misguided definition of it, yet they are the ones who somehow get all the headlines because of it.

Actress Kathleen Rose Parker is one of the latest on-screen beauties to talk about feminism in relation to her career. Judging by the Golden Globes, it really never has been a better time to be a woman in the industry and look at unorthodox journeys and platforms as a means to get diverse stories told. Just look at showrunner/director/writer Jill Soloway whose show ‘Transparent’, about a transgender woman, won an award and it’s not even on TV! It’s on Amazon!

Kathleen plays Carol Rance in ‘Episodes’, the show starring Matt LeBlanc, and was also in the movie ‘Gone Girl’. In an interview with Bustle about her recent roles, she talks about the importance of telling women’s stories on screen, and working with more women in the industry, including ‘Episodes’ co-star Andrea Savage.


“It’s nice to be paired up with another woman actress and get along,” she said. “Knock on wood. I am very lucky with the actresses I’ve worked with. I have really heard some nightmare stories. I am a feminist when it comes to working in this business. The more the merrier.”

We love that statement. One of the things that makes women so competitive is the idea that there is only room at the top for one, when in fact it should be viewed as more of a collaboration.

The fact that more and more women’s stories are being told on a number of different levels in entertainment (both behind the scenes and in front of the camera) is something very exciting to Kathleen.

“Women are awesome! I love how it is nowadays. I love that there is this call for women to write, produce, and direct film projects. I love that more women are doing work behind the scenes instead of solely being in front of the camera.”

“Women need to tell their own stories,” she said. “Gillian Flynn wrote the book Gone Girl and she adapted it into the screenplay. It’s amazing that she did that whole project from start to finish. I admire her for doing such an amazing job adapting her work from the book to the movie.”

It is similar to what Reese Witherspoon did with ‘Wild’. She formed a production company, read the book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed, bought the rights to make it into a film, starred in it herself and acted her way into a season’s worth of award nominations. Now if that’s not inspiration for other women to start telling their stories we don’t know what is!

“Why can’t women be prolific telling our stories about real women?” Kathleen asks. “Not just perfect women. What about women who are crazy and a little off? We are all crazy in some way. Men and women. No woman is perfect just like no man is perfect. Why not just tell our stories? If men are going to share their stories, so should women.”

Amen to that! Here’s to women like Kathleen speaking up about why feminism is relevant in Hollywood, and how it can benefit a community of women.


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