Actress Kristen Bell Campaigning To Stop Paparazzi Taking Photos Of Celebs’ Kids


It’s sometimes hard to hear celebrities whine and moan about an injustice that is done to them. But other times, their concerns are legitimate and are for more noble reasons than just their own image protection. For instance, the current battle actress Kristen Bell and fellow actor husband Dax Shepard are fighting.

They are campaigning to stop the paparazzi from being allowed to take photos of, sell and have published, the children of celebrities. They have nicknamed them “pedorazzi” because it seems like a perverted type of job for them to take photos of innocent children and profit off them. But it’s not just the photographers, but also the media outlets who agree to publish these pictures for ratings gain or entertainment value.

We gotta say, this is a very good cause. We all know the extreme lengths the paparazzi will go to get a shot. It was the paparazzi chasing British Princess Diana which caused the care she was traveling in in Paris 1997 to crash, killing its passengers, all because they were trying to get away from these annoying photogs. We’ve all read about the celebs who get in trouble for punching or getting physical with the paparazzi.

As part of their campaign, Bell and Shepard have publicly asked their fans to stop reading magazine where photos of celebs’ kids are published.

“I have confidence that the American public wants to be well-informed consumers,” Bell told BuzzFeed. “I think if they knew that in order for them to get a picture of a kid at the park, it means that kid was followed by nine strange men, who are yelling and calling him names, for 16 blocks, I think people would choose not to look at the pictures if they knew the psychological impact that has on the kid.”


Their efforts have ramped up ever since Philip Seymour Hoffman’s kids were followed and photographed by the paparazzi on the way to their father’s funeral, showing no regard for respect or decency.

The celluloid couple want to protect their daughter Lincoln, and they aren’t the only celebs who are on board with this idea. They have joined Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry in this fight. In fact, those two actresses helped get a monumental anti-paparazzi bill passed in the state of California in August 2013, after giving emotional testimonies in front of the Assembly Judiciary Committee at the California State Capitol.

“I love my kids,” Garner said. “They’re beautiful and sweet and innocent. And I don’t want a gang of shouting, arguing, law-breaking photographers, who camp out everywhere we are, every day, to continue traumatizing my kids.”

Berry added that, while she is famous, she was speaking as a mother of “little innocent children who didn’t ask to be celebrities.”

“They didn’t ask to be thrown into this game, and they don’t have the wherewithal to process what’s happening,” Berry said. “We don’t have a law in place to protect them from this.”

Berry and Garner received a victory in September when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill aimed at keeping paparazzi away from the children of celebrities. The bill included increased penalties from a maximum of six months in jail to a maximum of one year. Potential fines would increase to $10,000 from the current $1,000.

Kristen and Dax have had a small victory so far with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘The Insider’ who have both agreed their campaign is a worthy cause and will abide by the new rules set out by the husband and wife duo. This is probably a smart move on their part, as Kristen has said she will not do any interviews with publications and TV shows who don’t abide by her rules. Two other publications who jumped on board with the anti-pedorazzi movement after ET & the Insider are People Magazine and Just Jared online celebrity blog.

Being that she is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses and they have a lot of celebrity friends, this could snowball and turn into a bidding war with media outlets who are boycotted by other big-name celebs. But perhaps it does have to come to that, to change the industry and show the media that this is an important issue which deserves some attention.


Kristen has been mobilizing her twitter fans with this new cause in the hope it will get the attention of more media outlets:

And it’s not just this cause which is close to her heart, but also women’s empowerment. She is a huge fan of author Alexis Jones’ book ‘I Am That Girl‘ which is designed to empower women of all ages.

“Her message is all about young women discovering what’s important to them, which is empowerment in its finest form,” Bell said.

“I came to realize how much time I wasted on being scared that no one would like me [growing up]. It was all approval-seeking, and eventually, I realized the only approval I needed was my own. Young girls aren’t really taught to take the lead with their own happiness.”

This is the same theme in the Disney film ‘Frozen’ where Bell voices the main character of Princess Anna, which has proven to be extremely popular amongst young girls. And Kristen had a hand in collaborating with script writers and producers to shape the story into the feminist film it is today.

“I never saw a Disney Princess that I identified with when I was growing up. They all had good posture, they all woke up batting their eyelashes, no one had bad breath; I couldn’t relate. I wanted to see someone that felt like me. So, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly explain how happy [the film’s success] makes me.”

So with all this in mind, we are happy to get on board with Kristen’s new campaign and support the cause. We hope all major media will follow suit and protect the innocence of young children. It’s awesome to see a celebrity go out of her way for an important issue, saying “I care more about my integrity & my values than my career.”

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