Actress Maitland Ward’s Tips On Taking Ownership Of Your Sexual Health

Between the physical aspects and emotional side, a lot of energy goes into sexual health and wellness. But knowledge is power and there are no embarrassing questions when it comes to your own body. We should celebrate the love, bonding and intimacy that comes with sexual health – especially during shelter in place orders. Be an advocate for education and open enough to discuss the issues that come along with it. Let’s take a deeper dive into the importance of this with Maitland Ward, celebrity and adult film actress with Deeper – part of Vixen Media Group

Is there anything regarding sexual health that people should keep in mind during the pandemic?

If you have a partner you’re locked down with, have lots of sex! People might laugh when I say this but being sexually satisfied and having orgasms boosts your overall health and immune system. Plus, psychologically sex and orgasms are essential during such dark times. It boosts your mental health and lessens anxiety and depression. 

How have you coped with the changes brought on by COVID?

I already had strong online content and platforms in place, so I adjusted more to that and built on it. I did a lot of cam shows—many in the beginning raised money for the Free Speech Coalition to help performers in need. I also did a lot of live shows and solo shoots for Vixen Media Group’s new “Intimates” at-home content series which gives viewers a personal glimpse into the lives of adult film stars. I found people really wanted to connect more during this time. Not just sexually, but on a basic human level too. We were locked away and couldn’t see the outside world, so it was amazing to be able to share that time with my fans like that. That connection helped me immensely. 

We also did something really great for Vixen Media Group and even more special for me with Deeper. Back in April, Vixen Media Group launched a $250,000 relief initiative offering equipment and content deals to talent in the adult film community amid the pandemic. This gave us an ongoing opportunity to work remotely and produce quality content from home, all while giving fans a personal glimpse into our private lives and moments at home. I did a solo Poison Ivy type one first, as I’m known for my cosplay, and then a Zoom scene with Seth Gamble. It was really fun and relevant and the viewers loved it. In times when no one was shooting, we had hot new stuff to share. 

What tips do you have for couples trying to keep things spicy in lockdown?

Adult content can be an amazing way to keep things spicy! I love when I have couples who are fans and watch my stuff, say that I helped their relationship in this way. Adult entertainment gets a stigma that it breaks up relationships. But this type of entertainment doesn’t ruin relationships – no sex ruins them. Adult films can actually be something that brings a couple back together. Watch it together, get turned on and have better sex together! 

Now that we have to hibernate more in COVID, take this time to try new things with your partner. It’ll take your mind off the world’s troubles and make the time pass enjoyably faster. And be thankful you have a partner you can have sex with regularly during these months of seclusion. 

What are safe ways to establish sexual boundaries in a relationship?

Consent and boundaries need to be established from the very beginning. If anyone tries to make you feel guilty for your boundaries or tries to manipulate you into something you don’t want to do, it’s a toxic situation. The longer you stay in that toxic situation, the harder it is to break free of it. If someone can’t accept your no’s, then that’s not the right relationship for you. 

Any other words of wisdom regarding sexual health?

I encourage everyone to really take ownership of their own sexual health. Know your firm boundaries and what you consent to before you’re in a sexual situation. The heat of the moment is not the time to make quick decisions on what your boundaries are. Explore your body and discover what you really like and what makes you come, and don’t be afraid to share that with a partner. Sexual stigmas prevent a lot of us from speaking freely when it comes to sex. It’s time to get past that and live as the sexually healthy and free beings we’re meant to be. 

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