Actress Olivia Wilde Gets Dirty For A Cause

Olivia Wilde

And when we say dirty, we mean getting her hands dirty. Former ‘House’ actress Olivia Wilde has joined forces with the founders of Ryot News  and The Earth Institute travel to Senegal in Africa to document the work of Jeffrey Sach’s One Million Community Health Workers Campaign.

The campaign targets rural areas throughout Africa, equipping healthcare workers with the best resources and the best training so they can reach their goal of deploying 1 million healthcare workers by the end of 2015.

RYOT & Olivia Wilde

“In sub-Saharan Africa, around 10 percent of children die before reaching the age of five. Maternal death rates are high. Many people suffer unnecessarily from preventable and treatable diseases, from malaria and diarrhea to tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.”

“Many of these residents would otherwise have little or no access to the most fundamental aspects of modern medicine. Many countries are struggling to make progress toward health partly because so many people live in rural areas beyond the reach of modern health care.” says the One Million Healthworkers website.

“The campaign will transform health care delivery across the continent and help some of the world’s poorest nations meet the health-related Millennium Development Goals,” said Jeffrey Sachs. “We are proud to work with African leaders to develop huge new cadres of community health workers to reach the rural populations.”

The RYOT news team founders, Bryn Mooser and David Darg, along with Wilde, arrived in Senegal on July 24, 2013 and will be blogging during their journey.

RYOT news is an amazing newsmedia site. While they cover everything from politics, to entertainment, to philanthropic ventures like this campaign, they present all their stories with a difference. Every bulletin gives the reader the ability to “take action” and gives you a way to have an impact on the story, in some cases by donating to a leading organization, signing a petition, sending a tweet, or just sharing the story itself.

Their philosophy is that anyone can make an impact no matter who they are. So far on their journey they have realized the value of modern technology.

“Rural health workers are trained and given Sony Ericsson phones to help those living in extreme poverty get access to life-saving materials. No Instagram or Angry Birds here — only passionate doctors saving lives and healing the sick by using their mobiles. Although I miss the days where I didn’t feel naked without my cell phone it is truly inspiring to see this technology put to positive use.” says Bryan Mooser about their initial observation on the ground.

Olivia Wilde, Senegal kids

In Senegal, Wilde will shadow health workers and visit with the community to learn more about why they’re so important to the health of sub-Saharan Africa’s poor. Olivia is a rising philanthropic star and close friend of Darg and Mooser, and serves on RYOT’s advisory board along with fellow actors Ian Somerhalder and Sophia Bush.

She tweeted “Having a great time in Senegal with @RYOTnews for the @1Mhealthworkers campaign. Kids LOVE beatboxing!” on her arrival, showing her enthusiasm for this cause, urging her many fans and followers to support a great campaign. She also tweeted a picture of her sitting with a midwife, talking about how this baby was born safely thanks to the campaign who were able to bring Ambulances to the area.

We don’t all have to be celebrities to make a difference, there are sites like RYOT news and organizations that allow the socially conscious to make an impact wherever you are. It is amazing to see the gorgeous and talented Olivia using her fame to spread some positive news and get involved in something that is important.

Olivia Wilde in Senegal



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