Afro-Textured Haircare Brand Nylah’s Naturals Now Available In One Of UK’s Largest Retailers

Kam Davis, founder of Nylah’s Naturals, stands outside a Boots store in the UK

Nylah’s Naturals, a multi-award-winning vegan haircare brand for afro-textured hair, announces its launch in Boots. Available both online and in-store across the UK, Nylah’s Naturals is the latest addition to Boots’ diverse roster of beauty brands, bringing their expertise and unique product formulations to deliver dedicated care and nourishment to those with afro-textured and curly hair.

“As a small business, we are excited to be represented in Boots, one of the most prominent beauty retailers in the country. This is a huge milestone for Nylah’s Naturals and we are happy and grateful that Boots supports a diverse range of brands, especially businesses owned by female entrepreneurs,” says Kam Davis, founder and CEO of Nylah’s Naturals in a press release.

After discovering multiple studies that confirmed the presence of harmful chemicals in afro-textured hair products, Nylah’s Naturals’ was born with a mission to push the boundaries of the haircare industry, educate customers and set new standards for natural and sustainable afro-textured hair products that are free from harmful ingredients.

“Nylah’s Naturals takes inspiration from my daughter and my desire to celebrate her beauty with products that are made for her,” shared Kam in an interview with Black Beauty and Hair mag in 2020.

“When I realized that most existing products for afro hair weren’t science-based, and either damaged, or unnaturally altered the curl pattern of afro hair types, I decided to create a line that uses only hypo-allergenic, plant-based ingredients and makes afro hair look gorgeous, naturally.”

Since being founded in 2013, Nylah’s Naturals has stayed true to its mission, following a path of constant innovation in search of the most effective natural product formulations to promote and highlight the beauty of curly and afro-textured hair. On top of this, all products are totally vegan and cruelty-free.

“At Nylah’s Naturals, we realize that our mission goes way beyond creating natural, high-quality products catering to afro-textured hair. For so many years Black women were fighting the very nature of their hair, so now we feel there is a need to educate and share the best practices on how to care for Black hair in such a way that it highlights its health and beauty,” Kam told us in an interview recently.

From day one, Nylah’s Naturals made a promise to harness the very best that nature has to offer by using only 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients in their product line. For instance, the brand opts for cold-pressed oils over refined oils to preserve the fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals naturally present in hair strands. The result is a science-backed, safe, hypoallergenic product that celebrates the natural beauty of healthy and nourished afro hair.

Today, Nylah’s Naturals product offerings feature the full range of products needed to effectively care for afro-textured and curly hair, from a gentle cream shampoo that locks in moisture and hydration instead of drying out fragile curly strands to a botanical scalp serum containing powerful botanicals that combat hair loss and promote new growth.

“By creating high-performance products that are backed by science and deeply rooted in nature, we aim to offer Black women healthy and effective hair care products that will truly showcase the beauty of their hair. Nylah ́s naturals is also about contributing to a global change, by helping to change the narrative around afro hair,” explained Kam.

The partnership between Nylah’s Naturals and Boots presents a great choice for customers nationwide with afro or curly hair searching to improve their haircare routine. You can visit the Nylah’s Naturals website for more info about the products and where to buy them.

Kam Davis, founder of Nylah’s Naturals

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