Amber Riley’s DWTS Trophy Is A Win For Women Of All Sizes Everywhere


For those who have been watching season 17, you might have caught a bit of the press surround Glee‘s Amber Riley and the negative comments about her weight. Tragic really, because not only is she still a relevant celebrity with a burgeoning (not waning) career, but she is a true inspiration to fuller figured women who are doubting their own abilities simply because of their size.

Well the 27 year old actress put all those naysayers in their place by working hard, and taking out the famed mirror ball trophy just before Thanksgiving day. She did suffer a knee injury throughout the show taping, but that didn’t stop her from keeping her eyes on the prize, and eventually taking it home with her.

Amber says she was genuinely shocked to win, and didn’t start ramping up her desire to win the competition until after her injury. But the win was made even more sweet after she gave an inspirational message to her female fans:

“I want to let women of all sizes to know, you can do whatever you put your mind to,” said Riley. “It doesn’t matter what size, what color you are — you can do whatever, whatever, whatever you put your mind to!”

Amber also becomes the first African-American woman to win the popular dance competition,

The new dance champ has been a season favorite, consistently getting “10’s” from the judges, and of course having an Emmy Award-winning choreographer like Derek Hough as her partner certainly helped her case.


Amber also said she inspired herself to be able to win and is proud of her achievement, which has given her more confidence in herself that she has the ability to do something like this.

But throughout the season, the actress had to deal with remarks from some viewers about her size. “There were a couple [comments], like, ‘She danced well — for her size,'” Riley told In Touch. “I don’t want people to think that! I just want to dance well … I don’t think it should be an anomaly for a person my size to be able to dance or have confidence. Everybody should have confidence.”

Apparently her appearance on the show, and now her win, has already encouraged some viewers to get into shape after seeing how had she worked.

“It is awesome that people are so touched by me just dancing on a television show. This is just something I did for fun, and it is helping a lot of people.”

We are proud of the fact that she dedicated her win to women everywhere and used it as an opportunity to motivate and inspire others.

What a true champion in every sense of the word!



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