Amber Rose Joins The Late Night Talk Show Line-Up & No Topic Is Off Limits


Look who just joined the late night line up! None other than our fave sex-positive queen Amber Rose. Now we have Chelsea Handler on Netflix, Samantha Bee on TBS and Amber Rose on Vh1 adding more females to the late night line up, which is overwhelmingly still male-dominated. Oh and we can add former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Jessica Williams to the list in future tense, because she recently left the popular late night political satire show announcing she will soon be hosting her own series on the same network, Comedy Central. YASSSS!!!

Each of the women mentioned have a very different style and focus which is great because we want as many female voices represented as possible. ‘The Amber Rose Talk Show’ is a Dr. Phil-produced series that so far has us nodding our heads in agreement with the type of guests on her show. Body positive blogger and model Tess Holliday stopped by the set to talk about sex, pregnancy, body shaming and breastfeeding.

But it’s not just the caliber of guests which will make this show awesome. It is Amber “Muva” Rose herself, whose outspoken opinions on a range of topics important to many women are what we need to see more of in the late night TV line up. In an interview with Time magazine to promote her latest venture, she shared her thoughts on what it means to be sex positive, why she is a feminist, and why the recent killings of black men Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castille in Minnesota by the hands of police affected her deeply.

She begins by saying the desire to have her own show came after she launched her Slut Walk event which made her seek a bigger platform to share even more of the messages she is passionate about.

“I’m just so excited to have a voice on TV. It’s going to be about sex, relationships, obviously feminism, because I am a feminist. But this show isn’t just for women, it’s for men as well,” she was quick to point out.

If there was any trepidation being one of only a few females in a late night lineup against iconic male comedians, Amber Rose certainly is not phased about any comparisons.

“I’m a fan of late night, I’ve always been a fan of late night, I love Conan O’Brien, he’s by far my favorite, I love Jimmy Kimmel, I love Jimmy Fallon, but I also know who I am as a person, and I just wanted to bring my views on life, my perspective to a late night show. I’m going to ask you questions that probably the other late night hosts aren’t going to ask, so you get to see celebrities in a different light on my show,” she said.

Her main message is about women supporting other women and not playing into the stereotypical narratives that shame women for their autonomous choices, in a way that men don’t experience for making the same decisions.

“We’re supposed to keep our legs closed and not have a sex life, when these guys are just going out and doing whatever they want. Women are very capable of being sexual beings as well,” she said.

Amber is all about breaking down the ridiculous double standards in the hope that it will have a ripple effect in other areas of society, including bullying and rape culture.

“It seems like every time I do something that makes me more successful and no matter how hard I work, people are like, ‘Oh, you got there because you’re a ho.’ People judge the way I dress or they assume that I slept with all these men. So I just embrace it. I feel like so many girls go through that in the world that are not even famous and in high school, college, or just because they’re very comfortable in their sexuality that they’re just having random sex partners every day. That’s not the case…” she emphasized, adding that we need to stop policing what women do with their bodies.


Her way of thinking certainly is confronting to some people, but for good cause. It’s not about flaunting sexual behavior, it is about education around consent. This was clearly demonstrated in an interview with actor Tyrese and artist Rev. Run on their talk show ‘It’s Not You, It’s Men’.

Both Rev. Run and Tyrese exhibited classic victim-blaming behavior (proving we still have a long way to go) by saying that you need to “dress how you want to be addressed” and even had the balls to say that when Amber gets annoyed at people touching her body, perhaps if she dressed differently it wouldn’t happen. This is the WORST kind of messaging influential leaders like Tyrese and Rev. Run should be sharing with fans, because it is teaching girls that if you are ever assaulted, inappropriately touched or raped, you’d better reassess what you are wearing as it could be the real cause, as opposed to a person committing a crime of rape!

And it tells young men that they don’t need to learn boundaries or to respect women’s wishes. If they are wearing a *certain* kind of clothing, then you are not to blame for any potentially criminal actions you may take against her body. We desperately need to see more saturated media messages about consent, mutual respect, equality, and health communication, which is why we are thankful Amber Rose is going to inject this into late night TV.

Amber’s focus on sex education also includes messages about staying safe and healthy.

“I’m a big advocate for safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness, I advocate for the LGBT community, and it’s really just about being who you are and not being apologetic about it. Being slut shamed for being who you are is just not fair,” she said.

In the conversation around Black Lives Matter and what has been happening across the country with police brutality, Amber says that is the world she and many in her community have always lived in, the difference now is that social media has amplified the problem and allowed even more people to see it. She also has some strong opinions on the counter “all lives matter” hashtag which was born out of frustration on behalf of white people who felt threatened that they weren’t included in a movement that is seeking to promote the value of life.

“When you have an entire race saying, ‘You know when you say All Lives Matter, do you mean Black Lives Matter too?’ Because it doesn’t seem like it. It doesn’t seem like it at all. The way that they shot and killed these men…was horrifying because that could be anybody’s son. That could have been my son, my uncles. It hits so close to home and that’s why people are so angry because these were good guys,” she said.

She accepts the reality that she will have to raise her son to deal with possible police confrontations in a manner different to other people, simply because of his skin color.

“If my son was a teenager right now and he got pulled over, I would sit him down and talk to him and tell him the proper way to go about it. And the f***ed up thing is that it may still not go his way. It’s sad. My heart hurts for their families. It just hits so close to home,” she admits.


While the rest of the country is still reeling from the injustice facing the black community, recognizing the deep flaws within our law enforcement and justice system, one thing that we do have in control is the message and the values that we stand for and want to project in the world around us. For Amber, it is about being an unapologetic feminist, and using her experience being bullied and shamed to bring other women together.

“I love to stick up for women, I love to be the voice for the voiceless. You know, there’s all different kinds of feminists. I don’t hate men; I love men,” she said.

Not too long ago she was calling out Kanye West for his despicable comments in 2015 about his previous relationship with her, claiming he had to take multiple showers after sleeping with her. This led to Amber creating “F*** Your 30 Showers!” placards displayed during her Slut Walk in Los Angeles. And when she shared a photo of her with Kim Kardashian on Instagram back in May, it blew the minds of everyone who couldn’t possibly fathom Amber being friends with he wife of the guy who publicly slut-shamed her.

But this is what we love about Amber. She is honestly trying to live by the values she believes makes her a better feminist. If that’s the kind of example she is setting, we can’t wait to see more of what she will share on her talk show. For now, check out Tess Holliday and Amber Rose talking about body-shaming in a clip from episode 2:


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