American Hustle Director Says Women Are Smarter Than Men


You may not be familiar with the name David O’Russell but you sure as hell are well acquainted with his award-winning movies The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, and the recently released American Hustle which has already been nominated for a slew of Golden Globes in 2014.

The director recently popped into the ABC studios in Times Square, New York after the film was released to talk about the movie he directed and co-wrote.

Apparently strong female characters are essential to David O’Russell’s films, hence they are all super successful!

The best part was when he made the statement “I don’t mean to betray my sex but I do think women are smarter than men, they think in ways that men don’t think.”

Now before you take that and run with it, he is not just talking in general, as he goes on to talk about how it specifically applies to the women he creates in his films.


“I love the way that the women mystify the men and are ahead of them in many scenes. It started off with Melissa Leo and the sisters in The Fighter, it continued with Jennifer Lawrence and Jackie Weaver in Silver Linings.

It’s so awesome to see a top Hollywood director recognizing the impact that a strong female character can have not only on the development of a film’s story, but on an audience.

He goes on to say how the theme of all his films have been about people who have struggles, but they learn to overcome them and we go on that journey throughout the film with them.

“Anybody who has faced any struggles, you’ve gotta reinvent yourself, you’ve gotta find faith and passion, and that is part of this film as well.”

You can watch the excerpt we’re talking about below, from 2:50-3:12. Thanks David for being a supporter of women in film! Keep creating amazing characters and representing real life women who are strong because of the troubles they overcome.


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