Amy Adams: “Perfect Is Boring”



The July Issue of Allure Magazine features a stunning Amy Adams on the cover, and inside the pages she gives readers a bit of an insight on what she is really like away from the Hollywood spotlight. Turns out she a a really cool down-to-earth chick who is a successful working mom!

The 38 year old tells the mag she can relate to her ‘Man of Steel’ character Lois Lane, who is a “mere mortal”, just like Amy. She also reveals it has been a long time dream of hers to be in a superhero movie (who doesn’t want that dream!) but in real life, being average or normal is also ok.

She stresses, “perfect isn’t normal, nor is it interesting”

“I’m just not going to be one of those people photographed in a bikini where people are like, ‘OMG, look at Amy!’ I mean, it might be OMG, but not for the reasons I want,” she says, able to laugh at herself.

Holding herself to Hollywood’s unrealistic standards is a hard habit to break, Adams says, but she’s trying, both for herself and for her daughter.

“Some of these actresses or public personas who are very public about their disciplined diets, more power to them. I just don’t see the point. Do you know, the people I love as actresses, I’ve never, ever sought out pictures of them to see what they look like in a swimsuit.”

Amy also counts her pale features as a great asset and a perfect blank canvas for her line of work. “I have no features without makeup,” she says. “I am pale. I have blonde lashes. You could just paint my face — it’s like a blank canvas. It can be great for what I do.”

So for all you girls and women out there who are always looking for the “greener grass” when it comes to beauty, take note!

We love reading about Hollywood stars who are realistic about their image, and can be relatable to us mere mortals. It’s people like Amy Adams who exhibit the perfect balance between pursuing a career that is based on looks, and still maintaining a healthy ideal and being a role model in the process. If you haven’t seen her outstanding performance as Mark Wahlberg’s girlfriend in ‘The Fighter’ we recommend you watch it. Amy is a true Hollywood star like no other. Thank God for women like her who don’t change the way she is just because of the biz.

While we agree that perfect is boring, and our unique flaws are what make us special, we still think Amy looks stunning in this behind the scenes video from her Allure shoot. Read the full interview when the magazine hits stands June 25th.



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