Amy Schumer For President! How The Comedian Is Changing The Game For Women


Remember that time someone wrote an article about the reasons why women aren’t funny? That no longer applies anywhere. Not only have female comedians been killing it with their own stand-up specials, TV series and movies that they write, produce and direct, but they have overwhelmingly proven that sexism is still rife in many areas of the industry. But it’s OK to an extent, because it has made for some very compelling and hilarious content.

We officially nominate and are voting for Amy Schumer for president. Her Comedy Central series ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ is proving to be a huge winner in its third season. Her videos commenting on the discrimination toward women in the media, the absurdity of our culture’s obsession with big booties, and the unrealistic beauty standards placed on women are just a snippet of why we and millions more love her.

Her response to the film critic who dissed her for her looks was genius and cause for celebration. Jeffrey Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere panned her film ‘Trainwreck’ where Amy stars as the love interested of two men fighting over her, saying it is highly unrealistic that a “chubby” woman like her would ever get that attention in real life.

Amy’s response? “From the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t care less.” She is the one going from success to success and clearly one critic’s bitter review isn’t even a blip on her radar.

Her confidence, defiant in the face of so many pressures placed on women in entertainment are a source of encouragement. Which is why we have compiled a list of our fave Amy Schumer clips to remind you of how awesome she is.

The first is the hilarious ‘Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup’ proving that the One Direction-esque message that girls are beautiful just the way they are is not only problematic, but very selective:

There is this notion in Hollywood that once a woman is past the age of 30 or thereabouts, she is no longer viably seen as a “sex symbol” or the love interest. Instead she is relegated to the mom, the secretary, the older sister or basically anything that sidelines them as women. Which is why the ‘Last F***able Day’ video is brilliant. Behold:

Jennifer Lopez is famous for it, Kim Kardashian made a career out of it, and Amber Rose certainly knows how to flaunt it. We’re talking about big-booties of course and Amy’s video ‘Milk Milk Lemonade’ is a great parody of how this part of a woman’s body is glorified in pop culture, but people seem to be forgetting one crucial thing about the booty…

You know someone has the chops to be funny when they are a guest on ‘The Ellen Show’ and host Ellen DeGeneres cannot even breathe to speak because she is laughing too hard. That’s what happened when Amy came on the show to talk about what she really thinks of beauty standards forced on women:

This final video is great because it shows the demeaning way in which women’s bodies are judged by men. Yes, we women surely do judge each other, but when we’re talking about men objectifying women’s bodies as a standard in society, it is a whole different ball game:

There is no doubt we could find many more reasons to love on this badass comedian. We are stoked there are women out there who are proving that no topic is too tough, no demographic unreachable, and no female comedian who shouldn’t be taken seriously!