Amy Schumer Wants To Make Women Laugh, Doesn’t Apologize For Cellulite, & Isn’t A Perfect Feminist


There’s no need to go into the depth of our cumulative girl crushes on comedian and all-round badass Amy Schumer, it’s a given! She has single-handedly revolutionized the way female comedians are being seen in the mainstream world with her brand of ballsy, quirky, sexy and in-your-face humor that has taken up a lot of space in the viral video universe lately. We ain’t complaining!

One of the greatest things about her comedy is that it isn’t just humor for humor’s sake. It is often a message about sexism, gender inequality and the need for feminism. Some feminists choose to protest in the street with signs, others choose humor and media to get their point across in another way.

In a new interview for Glamour magazine, of which she is the cover girl, Amy is interviewed by a person who undoubtedly knows her better than we ever could – her sister writer Kim Caramele. Note to all future interviewers of Amy Schumer, this is how you should interview her from now on!

Since feminism is such an important topic and can often be a point of great division amongst women, it was a great topic to start off with. Kim asks her sis Amy what she thinks about being a “feminist icon” and the responsibilities of being one.

“I don’t try to be feminist. I just am. It’s innately inside me. I have no interest in trying to be the perfect feminist, but I do believe feminists are in good hands with me,” answered Amy. We love that she is reiterating how there is no such thing as the perfect feminist.


Sexism in comedy has become one of her signature calling cards which Amy says comes from a place of having experienced it personally.

“Every woman deals with it most every day of their lives. Growing up, it’s just in your day-to-day. There are all these preconceived notions of what it means to be a woman or a girl, and straying from those ideas of femininity is sort of shocking to people. I felt angered by that as a kid. I felt like that was unjust. Like that was not right,” she said.

Amy mentioned a couple of examples where guys joked about asking her who she gave a blow job to or who she slept with to get where she was. It’s that damaging way of thinking that really points out the hypocrisy amongst naysayers. Some will say that women don’t deserve to be given hand outs when it comes to equality, women have to earn it on merit. Yet when women DO clearly hold the talent, they get shot down by being accused of using their sexuality to get ahead.

“The whole “Who did she sleep with?” to get whatever? I’ve never slept with anyone who could help me at all. No one. I wish I had. If anything, everyone I’ve had sex with has been a real step in the wrong direction,” she says.

Then Kim asks Amy whether some people feel like they can joke in a crass manner with Amy because of the content of her humor.


“I think anybody who’s smart and who knows me can see that that’s an act and this is not. I’m very clear with my boundaries. I had a comedian one time pull me onto his lap, and I said, “Never do that to me again. You and I are not gonna play like that.” I hope I do influence other women to set better boundaries for themselves,” she said.

One of the things she is passionate about is giving permission to other women to raise their voice. It has been a powerful tool for her to be able to challenge the status quo in various ways and allow people to think differently about certain topics.

“You’ve got to be vocal…I have gotten death threats—that was scary. But it just made me want to use my voice more. I want to make women laugh. I want to make them feel beautiful in their own skin. I want to empower them to use their voice and not apologize,” she said about her mission with her comedy.

It certainly seems to be working! And hey remember that Glamour UK speech she gave where her comment about being 160lbs and able to “catch a dick” whenever she wants? While many thought it was hilarious, there were also some who criticized the way she spoke.

Some said if that was a guy talking like her, he would be accused of talking like a “chauvinistic pig” to which she had a brilliant reply, and once again reiterated why her brand of comedy is the perfect mix of intelligence and sass.

“I think they’re right. If a guy was like, “I can get pussy whenever I want,” that guy would be a dickhead. But to deny that there’s a major difference is ridiculous. For women, we’re taught to eat less until we disappear. And trained to believe that if you don’t look like everyone else, then you’re unlovable. And men are not trained that way,” she said.

“Men can look like whatever and still date a supermodel. I’m proud of what I said. I think it’s good to see somebody saying: I have a belly. And I have cellulite. And I still deserve love. And to catch the old D. And to not apologize.”

She recalls some of her childhood experiences which gave her conflicting messages about her body, and why she is so adamant to help women feel beautiful in themselves, without waiting for someone else to validate them.

“I remember feeling very beautiful and not even thinking about it. In fifth grade, this boy, a friend, was like, ‘You have a big butt.’ That was the first time it occurred to me that people were shaped different. In sixth grade I had a new outfit—tight pants and a tight ribbed shirt—and [another boy] was like, ‘Whoa, Big Bertha.’ I was like, ‘Oh, big, that’s not good’,” she said.

Fast forward to today, her body image is influenced by a whole new set of restrictive standards which overall have taught her striving for bodily perfection according to the world’s standards is never going to bring about happiness.

“Appearance has so little to do with where we should get our confidence from. But everywhere we turn we’re told we’re supposed to look this certain way. Sometimes I don’t know the difference between J.Lo or Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, if I look quickly! I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought, This is how you look. Embrace that and move on. Confidence has nothing to do with how you look. I feel happiest when I’m with friends and I’m working really hard,” she admitted.

Whether you like her brand of comedy or not, just know that we need someone like Amy Schumer in mainstream media and comedy. She is pushing the boundaries, allowing other women to rise to the heights she is reaching, all the while not missing a beat when it comes to empowering women. What’s not to love?!




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