Amy Schumer’s Body Confidence Strategy – Don’t Base Your Self Worth On Your Appearance


Glamour Magazine recently held their second-ever ‘These Girls’ event in New York and a host of female comedians, TV hosts, personalities, writers and actresses turned up to share some funny and emotional monologues. The list of well-knowns included Amy Poehler, Glee’s Dianna Agron, Fuse TV’s Alexa Chung, Girls’ Zosia Mamet, Lucy Punch, Emma Roberts, and comedian Amy Schumer.

A lot of the press who reported on the event and were invited say with resounding agreement that Amy Schumer’s speech was the most intense and thought-provoking. After talking about her experiences with boys in college, she goes on to talk more about body image and how important it is to a woman. How words can affect a woman so deeply it will affect the rest of her life, for good or bad.

“I was not what the guys wanted. They wanted thinner, blonder, dumber” she laments about her school days. Her self esteem wasn’t helped by her intelligence or jokes either: “My wit and charisma didn’t mean sh*t”.

During her performance Schumer mentioned how a single comment can do so much damage to a woman’s self esteem even if they are the ‘strong confident type’. Despite the fact that she “feels beautiful and strong, when a DJ recently asked if she’d gained weight and when Men’s Health magazine used a photo of a teenage model instead of a photo of her next to an article she had penned, that confidence evaporated.

Amy Schumer

“Sometimes I wanna quit being a woman,” she said. “OK you’ve figured me out — I’m not pretty. I’m not thin.” But, when Schumer’s confidence takes a hit, only she can rebuild it. “F**k that,” she said, choking up. “I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong … I will never apologize. I stand here and I’m amazing for you, not because of you. I am not who I sleep with … I am not my weight. I am myself.”

After the event she spoke to Hufington post and elaborated more on her message to women. “The second you insult a woman’s appearance, you’re taking away all her power. So you just feel threatened by what she has to say or who she is, and that’s all that’s left,” she said.

Amy’s advice is to women is that your self-worth not based on anything to do with your appearance, or what anyone else thinks of you.

“Get your self-image from your relationships with the people who know you. No matter what’s going on, I know I’m a really great sister, I’m a great friend and that’s who I am. And I can feel beautiful and sexy without it all being about feedback.”

She recognizes there are outside factors we can’t always control, such as people feeling the need to tear other people down. Sometimes we see confident people and want to tear them down because we don’t always feel the same. Women are major culprits for this, so it is up to us and only us to make an effort to change the way we speak, act and think toward each other. We can be each others’ best friends, or worst enemies. The choice is ours.

“People get mad at confidence and they wanna knock it down. And you need to know that’s gonna happen and just hold onto it. I have moments all the time when I don’t feel good about myself and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, but I always find my way back.”

While it is refreshing to hear a successful young comedian talk about her insecurities and struggles, (for the record Amy, you are freakin’ beautiful!) we should take her advice seriously.



  1. This article implies that a woman’s value solely depends on how she looks, regardless of her personality, intelligence, or talent(s).

    • I agree, although I would say a persons value depends on nothing at all. We are all born with the same value. When looking for intimacy a man doesn’t intellectually measure up a woman’s value, he just follows his instincts and acts accordingly. Nowadays, though it’s becoming increasingly hazardous to do that and there’s a lot of lonely people out there as a result. It has to become socially acceptable for women to ask out men.

  2. dave dale says:

    Men are also somewhat dependent on their looks, but they just have too many responsibilities to spend as much time obsessing about it. Granted, an average guy can get a better than average gal as a mate, but he has to have a lot of something else going for him, frequently related to hard work or money.
    On the other hand, if a man has a family with no money, when he is young he is just as insulted as women if his looks are below average. At a middle school dance, if girls will not dance with him, if he is called ugly, weird, etc. he feels bad too, he is just told he is not allowed to complain about it or he is also a puss.
    As a guy gets older he will be hired last if he is ugly, and has to work in engineering, skilled trades or something that looks doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have good looks.
    In our current PC world, women’s rights and boycott groups have intimidated comedians to not make fun of women in general or any specific women. Minorities are also off limits, so they have decreased as targets. This has created a “target starved” world where only adult males can be insulted. Comedians mostly put down men, constantly insulting their looks, ability, or masculinity. Men today are self conscious about sitting next to a friend our using a locker room because comics obsess about the awkwardness, so guys walk on eggshells to make sure they don’t look “gay”, in addition to worrying about their looks.
    The difference between women and men with re looks is that society is sympathetic to women and children, and guys are not suppose to complain , because nothing is suppose to bother us. The suicide rate tells you that we do feel the same pain as women, we just are not given permission to talk about it.
    Just watch a late night stand up and comp the number of jokes that insult and belittle men comp to women and it is way out of balance. Men are dropping out because of this, and when it comes to participating in the social contract of marriage, working hard to make money and taking care of a family men are staying away in droves. Many women in the future will not be able to find suitable mates, and they will just rotate through the same alpha men who marry many times, while many other men will never marry. What is the main factor women will choose to mate with a man based on- Looks , of course.

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