Angelina Jolie Tells The UN To Stand Up For Rape Victims

Angelina Jolie UN

Angelina Jolie: Wife, actress, mother, stunning creature, and passionate advocate for women and children around the globe. We all know the stats about her and many media outlets enjoy making fun of her and her philanthropic ways. But she continues to tirelessly travel the world campaigning for issues she knows are important and need more coverage.

This week for the first time she spoke before the UN Security Council as a special envoy for refugees, urging them to recognize that rape within war zones is a big issues and they need to take notice.

Angie is a goodwill ambassador for the UN high commissioner for refugees said “”hundreds of thousands if not millions of women, children and men have been raped in conflicts in our lifetimes”.

She said that the council are the people who will set the bar to make this agenda a serious priority and they need to use their voices to speak out in the name of progress. Go Angie! You tell them!

Jolie has traveled extensively in her role as goodwill ambassador, recalled several of the survivors she had met the mother of a five-year-old girl raped outside a police station in Goma in eastern Congo, and a Syrian woman she spoke to in Jordan last week who asked to hide her name and face “because she knew that if she spoke out about the crimes against her she would be attacked again, and possibly killed”.

“Let us be clear what we are speaking of: young girls raped and impregnated before their bodies are able to carry a child, causing fistula,” Jolie said, referring to an injury caused by violent rapes that tear apart the flesh separating the bladder and rectum from the vagina, leaving the girls unable to control their bowels or bladder.

“Meet your commitments, debate this issue in your parliaments, mobilize people in your countries and build it into all your foreign policy efforts,” she said. “Together you can turn the tide of global opinion, shatter impunity and finally put an end to this abhorrence.” she pleaded with the council.

After Jolie spoke the council adopted a legally binding resolution demanding the complete and immediate end of all acts of sexual violence by all parties to armed conflict. It urged the UN and donors to assist survivors and improve the monitoring of sexual violence in conflict.

This is a small step in the right direction but we hope, just like Angelina speaking up about her mastectomy prompted women all over the globe to speak up and get checked out, that her voice will encourage more people and organizations to take up the fight to prevent these horrific crimes.

No matter what you think about her personally, we love that she is using her celebrity as currency for a great cause. We don’t all have to be celebrities or super rich to do something of impact. All we have to do is open our eyes to the needs around us and start small today.

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