Badass Trainer Vicky Loza Calling Out Fitness Misinformation & Empowering Latinas To Love Their Bodies

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that working out can be great for mental and physical health, but that there are and endless amount of fitness trainers, brands, influencers and messages that can be overwhelming, and in some cases downright toxic. So how do we wade through all of this, especially since women have been taught from an early age to conform to an unrealistic and unhealthy body image?

When it comes to fitness, Latinas are battling everything from body-shaming and euro-centric beauty ideals within our families, to one-size fits all workout plans and nutrition advice from so-called experts, to overwhelmingly white gym or fitness studio instructors they can’t relate to. 

One woman in particular is on a mission to change this, by empowering women, especially Latinas, to focus on self-love, health and movement – no matter what size and age they are, or stage of life they’re in. Vicky Loza, aka “Vicky the Fit Chick” is a Mexican-American and Los Angeles based certified personal trainer and fitness influencer who just launched her very own workout app: FitWithVicky to give Latinas access to a personal trainer & community – in a more inclusive, approachable, and affordable way.

She started her own wellness journey in 2013 after her own mom called her “gorda” (fat woman)! During the pandemic when all of her income from personal training came to a complete stop, she launched virtual workout programs – and quickly sold thousands of them – earning $500,000 in a year alone.

These days, she speaks in English, Spanish and Spanglish to her community on social media of over 130k+ about annoying misconceptions (like her videos on You can’t have a flat tummy and a fat a** or  Fitness is genetic: Influencers need to stop lying to their followers) or she dispels myths about fitness scams (like her video Stop messing up your insides, waist trainers don’t work).

Vicky spoke with us about her entrepreneurship and fitness journey, being in a male-dominated fitness industry that also lacks Latinos, and why she will always keep it real on social media and call out the toxic fitness messages she comes across.

We’d love to first know: where did your fitness journey begin, and why is itimportant to you?

My fitness journey started at the age of 19. I couldn’t afford a gym membership so I worked out from my living room with free on-demand workouts from Jillian Michaels and Shaun T. Eventually I started joining a friend at the gym, and a few years later I became a certified personal trainer and began taking on clients. Ever since then fitness became a part of who I am, it’s what made me the person I am today. It’s important to me because it has instilled discipline into my life in every way possible.

When did you start to pay attention to the harmful trends that have infiltrated the fitness space?

I started to pay attention and experience harmful fitness trends when I became a personal trainer at the age of 26. I have seen the trends get worse over the years, especially when Tik-Tok became really popular, which is why I felt the need to speak out about these myths publicly. As an example, trained professionals in the fitness world like myself know that waist trainers don’t work but they can damage your insides. Or that fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all and that genetics do play into the results about how you look. But when you have so many influential, untrained people online (including celebrities) making false claims, how would a typical person know any better? I seek to educate, I don’t make false claims, and I’m very intentional about that.

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What are some of your main goals by creating programs specifically for the Latina community? And what are the main needs that other fitness programs and influencers are ignoring when it comes to Latinas?

My main goal for Latina women is to get them to move away from the quick fixes in health and fitness. Growing up in a Latino household I would see the community doing everything from bad habits or quick fixes like Herbalife to diet pills, to not eating, or using waist trainers. Today there’s a huge spike in cosmetic surgeries to get the popular “aesthetic.”

I want my fellow Latinas to love their bodies and know that the ‘easy’ way is not necessarily the best way, and that it oftentimes can be harmful to their health and wellbeing. I also feel that there aren’t enough Latinx personal trainers out there in the public, but there is definitely an audience out there looking to seek the right information when it comes to fitness and so I want to help bridge that gap and encourage others to join me in that.

The beauty and fitness industry still has a long way to go, although it is changing. Why is it important we move away from the eurocentric standards of beauty and body image all around?

It’s important to move away from eurocentric beauty standards because we’re all different. Not everyone is 5’4 with a petite frame, blonde hair and blue eyes. Everyone’s body is different and that’s what makes them beautiful and unique. How boring would it be if we all looked the same and had the same body type? The next generation of people of color need to see that they can do it too. Whatever it is, whether it is being a fitness trainer or a lawyer, representation matters!

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There is a lot of predatory information out there when it comes to diet and fitness programs. What are some of the main culprits you teach your clients to look out for?

I tell my clients to stay away from the trainers/influencers that sell you lies about quick fixes, like you can “grow your glutes in 4 weeks” or “the stair master will give you a big butt and abs” – these things just aren’t scientifically-proven or true. The truth is everyone is different, what works for me may not work for you. But one thing remains the same – if you’re consistent and put in the work and you change your lifestyle permanently (not just as a temporary quick fix) then you WILL see results. 

You are a super successful entrepreneur, whose journey took off during thepandemic, which is inspiring! How has your experience been in an industry that is still very male-dominated and lacks a lot of Latina leaders?

Yes, this industry is extremely male dominated and you don’t see a lot of Latinos. It was hard because I’ve definitely been turned down a lot for “not having the right look” and this is disheartening because no one should be excluded from anything simply because of who they are and what they look like. I’ve learned to tell myself that I have something special that others don’t and what is for me simply won’t pass me by. 

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We LOVE your IDGAF, authentic attitude on your social media videos! What kind of reactions do you get from followers when you call out misinformation?

Thank you so much! It’s definitely hit or miss! A lot of my followers love that about me and praise my attitude, but I do get hateful comments and people constantly telling me “why do you yell, why do you talk like that.” I simply ignore it or fight back at times. It’s my personality and I refuse to water it down because of haters LOL!

When someone downloads FitWithVicky for the first time, what do you hope they will keep coming back for?

When they download the app and sign up, I want them to keep coming back for the workouts for one but also for them to see their own progress and to enjoy our supportive community! I want them to enjoy working out and to see the gradual changes with their bodies and what they’re able to do now that they weren’t able to do before because over time you build endurance. I’d love for people to keep coming back to reach new levels they haven’t reached before and to see the changes in their bodies over time as they remain consistent. 

If you want to get fit with Vicky, check out her website, download the Fit With Vicky app, and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Vicky Loza with her bootcamp participants

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