Beauty Blogger Cassandra Bankson Tells Us Acne Was The Key To Her Self-Esteem


We all get self conscious about our looks going through high school and college. But imagine being told you should “kill yourself” by others? Imagine having acne so severe you felt like taking your own life really was the only viable option? That was the reality for beauty blogger and Youtube sensation Cassandra Bankson.

Today she is a model, entrepreneur and is inspiring a whole generation of young women and men who suffer with severe acne that life does get better, and your self-worth isn’t determined by your physical appearance.


Being amazonian height all her life as a girl meant she stood out anyway. Add on the acne problem and it becomes worse. But Cassandra told our editor in chief Asha, today she thanks all those people who were horrible to her. She is also thankful for all her acne problems because it forced her to do something about it.

She was always interested in makeup and always on the look out for new routines that could help her cover up her acne. When she started posting her own videos, they started to become really popular. So popular in fact that Good Morning America had her as a guest on their show to talk about her journey.


Today she is starting a non-profit organization dedicated to safety and health for young women, and raising awareness. She travels around America for various modeling assignments and is seriously the most beautiful, warm genuine girl we have ever met!

We got to chat with her at a beauty party in Malibu for Mitch Stone Essentials. Check out her advice to all women who have acne, who have been bullied and who are struggling to find their self-esteem beyond what they look like.

What a great role model she is. We hope her story will inspire you to seek out new and creative ways to overcome your struggles.


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