Benefits Of Taking Folic Acid Supplements

In today’s society, people are constantly looking for ways to get healthy, whether it be through fad diets, exercise, or supplements. Supplements can be expensive, but if you find the right ones, they are definitely worth taking. Folic acid, for example, has a ton of benefits that will improve your daily life if you use it. Here are some of the advantages of using folic acid.

Reduces Risk of Pregnancy Complications

One of the things that constantly scares women and families around the world are pregnancy complications. No one wants to worry if the birth is going to go well or not. Folic acid supplements help to decrease the risk of birth defects and pregnancy complications in children. This isn’t something that you can take a day before giving birth and solve all your problems, however, if you take something like a Methylfolate multivitamin every day during your pregnancy, the risk of problems happening is much lower. Isn’t that something that you would like to prevent?

Folic acid is very easy to obtain as well, as all you need to do is go to your local drug store and pick up some of the supplements. It is highly recommended for any women who are pregnant as it will help to give them an extra level of security and safety during their pregnancy.

Fix Folate Deficiency

Some people suffer from folate deficiency for a variety of reasons. Things like your diet, sugars, alcohol, diseases, and even pregnancy can lower the amount of folate your body has, resulting in a deficiency. Are there any problems with having a folate deficiency? 

Statistics have shown that people with a low amount of folate are more likely to suffer from depression, decrease their immune system functionality, and have mental impairment. Are these things that you want to suffer from? Take some supplements and keep your body functioning properly.

Brain Health

Low folate levels have also been associated with a higher risk of dementia and poor brain function. Even levels that are approaching normal still have a much greater risk than those who take folic acid daily. There have been studies that have shown that adults who have taken folic acid all their life have significantly better brain function than people who did not. 

They were much more cognitive with verbal IQ and showed a much slower progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Even if you are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, taking these supplements can lessen the effects of these diseases, allowing you to remember more than you normally would.

Reduce Inflammation

Folic acid has also shown that it can help reduce inflammation in people. Whether it be from a sports injury or a random outbreak, taking these supplements can help get your skin back into the right condition.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a problem that plagues millions of Americans every year due to poor diet choices and obesity. Even if you are keeping everything in check, heart disease also runs in families, so you may be more prone to it than others, folic acid is once again there to help with the metabolism and keep your heart working well, reducing the risk of heart disease.

The lessened risk isn’t that big, with studies showing those who take folic acid have a 10% reduction in strokes and 4% reduction in heart disease, however with diseases like that, you do want to be doing as much as possible to keep your risks as low as possible. Coupling in these supplements with other good choices can put your risk of heart disease to a negligible amount, allowing you to live a healthy and safe life.

Reduction of Side Effects

If you have to be on any other medication, you are probably aware and have experienced a wide variety of side effects. These side effects can hinder your day and cause you to lose productivity at work and in other aspects of your life. By keeping your folate levels high through supplements, you can greatly reduce the strength of these side effects or eliminate them altogether.


Folic acid has shown that it improves your body’s ability to control your blood sugar. These supplements will help regulate that part of the body, greatly lowering your risk of diabetes in the future. This is something that you might want to consider if you and your family are prone to a disease like this.

All of the above are fantastic benefits to taking folic acid. By taking a tablet every day, you are doing what you can to ensure that your risk of many serious diseases is lowered, while also battling many other problems that could be occurring. Stop by your local drug store and get yourself some supplements, you will be happy with the effects that it provides.