Best-Selling Author Releases ‘My First Book Of Feminism’ To Empower The Next Generation Of Badass Young Women

After releasing ‘My First Book of Feminism (for Boys)‘, best-selling author Julie Merberg realized there was still much to be said on the subject of feminism. Her new title, ‘My First Book of Feminism’—also illustrated by Michéle Brummer Everett—is all about empowerment.

As soon as little girls are old enough to sit in your lap and read this book, they are ready to be empowered. ‘My First Book of Feminism’ underscores important messages with clear, simple illustrations and clever rhyming text. From encouraging girls to use their voice and normalizing the idea of girls as leaders to showing them that beauty is on the inside, the book aims to teach big lessons with a kid-friendly approach.

“I think it’s important to de-emphasize external beauty as a measure of worth as early as possible. Instead, we’re encouraging girls to focus on being smart, strong, and kind,” says the author.

Throughout the book, there is an emphasis on sisterhood.

“It’s important to remember that although we’ve come a long way, and many progressive parts of the world have embraced equality, at least conceptually, we still have work to do,” says Julie.

The book borrows from Audre Lorde to explain that the fight for equality must continue until all women are free, which is why books about feminism are still very much needed today.

“As Audre Lorde said, ‘I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.’ So yes, we have made great strides, and I think little girls with educated parents in affluent parts of the United States are certainly growing up knowing that they can do and be anything. But that doesn’t apply across every demographic. And don’t get me started on this administration’s attack on women’s reproductive rights. On top of all that, in other parts of the world, there are still girls who are prevented from getting a higher education, from owning a business, and even from sleeping in their home while they’re menstruating! I hope these books become obsolete soon, but in the meantime, they are very relevant,” she added.

Like ‘My First Book of Feminism (for Boys)’, ‘My First Book of Feminism’ has been an extremely personal endeavor for the author and illustrator.

“My thoughts inevitably turned to all the incredible strong women I’ve known throughout my life,” says Michéle.

“We talk about acknowledging the women whose shoulders we’re standing on. The girls reading this book will see a female president in their lifetime
(hopefully soon)! It’s exciting to imagine what a generation of girls growing up with a deep and innate sense of self-worth will accomplish,” says Julie.

Both women express their hopes for the next generation of young girls who will grow up reading this new book.

“I hope that in the same way I tell my kids about phone booths, these little girls will tell their children that a long, long time ago, there used to be inequality,” said Julie.

“My hope is that little girls can return to these concepts as they grow up and face things that are unjust or unfair. I hope [little girls] can know their true worth and be able to live lives they are proud of,” said Michéle.

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